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How Are You Surviving if You Cant do These Things

By Neecey

We live in a digital age. Most of us have a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. We like to think we are proficient in the use of modern technology but are we? I’ve listed all the things I think a tech-savvy girl should be able to do.

Table of contents:

  1. Connect to the internet and successfully conduct searches
  2. Know how to use google
  3. Protect yourself online by installing and using trustworthy and paid antivirus software
  4. Know how to use a touch screen with just one or two fingers touching the screen
  5. How to get through the customs checks at an airport
  6. Send a text message or email to a friend or family member
  7. How and where to buy a train ticket both online and offline
  8. Find a job and apply for it online
  9. Use a microwave to heat, defrost and warm things
  10. Use google maps and/or a sat nav
  11. Figure out how to enter a discount code online
  12. Use and operate a smartphone and/or tablet device
  13. How to set the alarm on your phone to wake you up
  14. Turn off the power for your house at your fuse box
  15. How to use a self-serve checkout in a superstore
  16. How to use and play with a games console
  17. Figure out your clothing sizes so you can order online without trying things on
  18. Use google+, twitter or facebook to communicate with friends
  19. Find cheaper travel deals online
  20. Download stuff without getting a virus
  21. How to skim read or speed-read
  22. How to touch type
  23. Change the clock on your microwave or oven
  24. The ability to recognize, ignore and block spam emails
  25. Know how to find and use wi-fi hotspots
  26. How to safely remove a usb connected device from another computer
  27. Scan barcodes in stores to see if there are cheaper options
  28. Use and master online banking
  29. Know how hands-free technology works
  30. Alter the settings on your thermostat at home
  31. The ability to separate and sort your recycling
  32. Install and uninstall software
  33. Be able to locate and use an sd memory card
  34. Order gifts, cards, and household stuff and furniture online
  35. Learn new things via youtube
  36. Know how to set your online privacy and security settings
  37. How to charge something using a usb connection
  38. Buy and sell secondhand things online
  39. Figure out how a spellchecker works
  40. Transfer money with your smartphone or desktop device
  41. Use a debit or credit card in a store
  42. Get cheaper tickets for the cinema, trains or airplanes online
  43. Order your household shopping and groceries online to be delivered to your door
  44. Transfer photos from your camera/phone to your computer
  45. Stream or download movies and tv
  46. Wire a plug/change a fuse
  47. Sync your itunes
  48. Set up a wireless printer or other external device
  49. Transfer and store files in the cloud

1 Connect to the Internet and Successfully Conduct Searches

There are so many elements of our life that take place online that we would be lost without it. In the South Park episode “Over Logging,” having no Internet was compared rather aptly to the end of human society as we know it.

2 Know How to Use Google

Have a question? Got a query? Want a question answered?

3 Protect Yourself Online by Installing and Using Trustworthy and Paid Antivirus Software

The Internet is loaded with sophisticated viruses that are able to download themselves in tiny parts so that your systems do not recognize them until the puzzle is complete. Only with paid and trustworthy antivirus/anti-malware software can you protect yourself.

4 Know How to Use a Touch Screen with Just One or Two Fingers Touching the Screen

You may not think this is a big deal until you see somebody try to operate a touch screen with part of their palm on the screen, or watching them pick up a Smartphone and accidentally press three things before the device freezes.

5 How to Get through the Customs Checks at an Airport

Nowadays you cannot carry fluids and a whole assortment of seemingly harmless devices.

6 Send a Text Message or Email to a Friend or Family Member

People don’t want to spend hours gassing on the phone or in person. They want quick sharp and simple messages via an online chat function, SMS or email.

7 How and Where to Buy a Train Ticket Both Online and Offline

We have a generation of teens that don’t even know they should buy a train ticket at a ticket booth. Fewer know how to buy a train ticket online and how you may use it on a train.

8 Find a Job and Apply for It Online

The resume is on its way to extinction. Nowadays you must find a job online, fill in their application, and then allow them to probe the innermost details of your life.

9 Use a Microwave to Heat, Defrost and Warm Things

If you are unsure of how vital your microwave is to your life, then try a week without one and you will see how much you need it.

10 Use Google Maps and/or a Sat Nav

You do not have to memorize the route to anywhere anymore because technology can get you there.

11 Figure out How to Enter a Discount Code Online

Discount codes are so common that one in five online transactions may involve a discount code.

12 Use and Operate a Smartphone and/or Tablet Device

Even if you do not have one, you need to know how to use one for if you ever need to borrow one from somebody else to make a call.

13 How to Set the Alarm on Your Phone to Wake You up

Why they even make alarm clocks anymore? Everybody I know just uses their Smartphone.

14 Turn off the Power for Your House at Your Fuse Box

From installing new light fittings to worries that the wiring has been exposed by your rabbit nibbling your TV cables, you should know how to turn the power off in your house.

15 How to Use a Self-serve Checkout in a Superstore

Superstores are putting fewer and fewer staff on the checkouts to force more customers to use their self-service checkouts because they cost the company less money than hiring people.

16 How to Use and Play with a Games Console

Even if you are not a gamer yourself, there are some of your friends that are, and they will want you to immerse yourself in the fantasyland that is gaming.

17 Figure out Your Clothing Sizes so You Can Order Online without Trying Things on

You cannot hold up a dress to your chest to see if it fits when you are buying online. You need to figure out sizes, especially with different items because things such as your swimming costume sizes are not the same as your hot pants sizes.

18 Use Google+, Twitter or Facebook to Communicate with Friends

You don’t have to be on social media if you don’t want, but you will only be nagged by your friends for not being part of it. Peer pressure suggests you should just go with it.

19 Find Cheaper Travel Deals Online

Traveling can be expensive, even if you are just renting a car, so it is imperative that you find the best deals online.

20 Download Stuff without Getting a Virus

From simple images to advanced software, you have to know how to download without getting viruses or malware.

21 How to Skim Read or Speed-read

Being online means digging through a lot of text, so you need to be able to quickly scan a page to see if it is useful.

22 How to Touch Type

Some people think that touch screens will save them, but it won’t. You need touch typing for so many jobs these days that you are putting yourself at a massive disadvantage by not being able to touch type.

23 Change the Clock on Your Microwave or Oven

Sounds like a pointless exercise, and maybe it is, but you can program modern technology to cook at certain intervals and turn themselves off, but you cannot if you don’t set the clock.

24 The Ability to Recognize, Ignore and Block Spam Emails

Your PayPal payment is complete, you have paid Skype, we must confirm your Apple ID, you have a tax rebate waiting, Hi, it’s Jack and I’m in town, warning - there is a virus on your system…

25 Know How to Find and Use Wi-Fi Hotspots

You can connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi and you can do it on trains, planes, in restaurants and in colleges if you wish.

26 How to Safely Remove a USB Connected Device from Another Computer

You have to eject the device safely or you risk scrambling the data. However, newer technology is making even this a thing of the past.

27 Scan Barcodes in Stores to See if There Are Cheaper Options

It is not essential because you can always run searches online, but it sure is convenient if you are already in the store.

28 Use and Master Online Banking

Many banks have gone paperless and will charge you high fees if you want to keep things on a non-online basis.

29 Know How Hands-free Technology Works

You cannot drive if you cannot master it, and there are still reports claiming it helps lower the amount of microwave radiation you receive, though tests are still inconclusive as to how significant the effect is.

30 Alter the Settings on Your Thermostat at Home

You should be able to turn your water and heating temperatures up and down to suit the weather conditions.

31 The Ability to Separate and Sort Your Recycling

More and more governments are instigating recycling programs and as a result are giving people smaller bins so they recycle.

32 Install and Uninstall Software

It is just part of human life these days. You need to be able to install and uninstall software on desktop devices and on mobile devices.

33 Be Able to Locate and Use an SD Memory Card

They are used for cameras, camcorders, Smartphones and tablets, so you are probably going to have to use one at some point.

34 Order Gifts, Cards, and Household Stuff and Furniture Online

You can order large and small items online; you just need to learn how to do it otherwise the world becomes a more inconvenient place.

35 Learn New Things via YouTube

There is a lot of garbage and useless information on YouTube, but there are videos that will teach you numerous new things you can use at home and work.

36 Know How to Set Your Online Privacy and Security Settings

Websites, accounts and other people can find out every single secret answer you have ever given to another website if you do not set your privacy settings correctly, from the first street you lived on to your mother’s maiden name.

37 How to Charge Something Using a USB Connection

There are some devices that do not even come with a plug and wire; they come with a wire and a USB connector.

38 Buy and Sell Secondhand Things Online

You used to buy and sell secondhand stuff with newspapers, but now you have to use online auctions and classified websites.

39 Figure out How a Spellchecker Works

You have to know what those squiggly red lines mean. You also need to understand that every suggestion is not mandatory, and that words such as curated need not be changed to crated.

40 Transfer Money with Your Smartphone or Desktop Device

Sending money online to colleagues, friends and family is now more common than ever.

41 Use a Debit or Credit Card in a Store

You must know which way to enter it into the machine, and that you need to press the pin number and then the enter button.

42 Get Cheaper Tickets for the Cinema, Trains or Airplanes Online

It is possible to get cheaper tickets for the cinema, trains and airplanes if you book them online and/or use discount codes and take advantage of offers. You have to be fairly on the ball to be able to catch and use them to save money.

43 Order Your Household Shopping and Groceries Online to Be Delivered to Your Door

Why carry bottles of bleach, milk and bars of chocolate home, why pay for the fuel in your car, why wait in queues and why push past people in motorized carts when you can order online, pick what you want and have it delivered to your door for a nominal delivery fee.

44 Transfer Photos from Your Camera/phone to Your Computer

There’s no absolute need to print photos these days but using a computer makes it easier. It’s also better for storage and organization.

45 Stream or Download Movies and TV

Your entertainment options are just so much greater when you can stream or download.

46 Wire a Plug/change a Fuse

Although many household appliances come with sealed unit plugs, there are many that do not.

47 Sync Your ITunes

The advantage of syncing is that if your iPhone gets corrupted, you'll be able to restore it (or its replacement) to working condition, with all of the purchased content that is installed.

48 Set up a Wireless Printer or Other External Device

It’s usually a case of following the on-screen instructions but it helps to do it with confidence.

49 Transfer and Store Files in the Cloud

The cloud can be used to store and share files. There are plenty of cloud applications – like Dropbox – and knowing how to use the cloud can make your computing life so much easier.

Can you do all the things on this list? Do you think I've missed anything?

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