Here's How to Say "No" like a Lady ...


It can be difficult to tell someone no. You feel put on the spot. You may worry that you’ll upset the person or come off as sounding rude. These are 7 tips to help you say no in a kind and considerate manner while still honoring what’s best for you.

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Give Yourself Permission to Say No

The very first step you have to take is giving yourself permission to say no. You have to realize that you can’t be all things to all people. You have your limitations. There are times you can say yes but you should only do so when the circumstances are right for you. You should also feel the freedom to say no when it doesn’t work for you.


Say “I Can’t” Instead of Only Saying “No”

Sometimes you may want to say that you can’t do something instead of just saying no. There are reasons that you can’t say yes to things. It may be that your calendar is full or that you don’t feel you can do what someone is asking of you. It may even be that you’re trying to work on saying no more often. Whatever the reason, it’s okay to say that you can’t do something instead of giving a straightforward no.


Explain the Reason You’re Unable to Say Yes

You’re under no obligation to explain why you can’t do something but it can help you come across in a caring way. You might say that you have too many obligations or that you’ll be out of town at the time someone is asking you to do something. Giving an explanation is up to you. One benefit of explaining is that it can help them to understand your position. Most people will offer you understanding in this situation.


Sympathize with the Situation They’re in

It can be helpful to sympathize with the situation the person is in. This shows you’re compassionate toward them. Let them know your heart goes out to them even though you’re unable to say yes. This helps make sure your relationship isn’t hurt by saying no. Letting people know you care goes a long way.


Offer Some Other Possible Solutions for Their Situation

If you have suggestions for the situation the person is in, that’s great. Helping them problem solve is a wonderful idea. You may not be able to say yes but you’re trying to help them find a solution. Sometimes it may even be a better solution than if you’d said yes. Most people appreciate someone brainstorming with them.


Thank Them for Giving You the Opportunity

It’s a compliment to be asked to do something for someone else. It means they think a lot of you and have confidence in your abilities. If you’re unable to say yes, make sure to thank them for the opportunity. By doing this, there’s very little chance you’ll come off rude. Including a compliment is a ladylike way to say no. Both of you will walk away from the conversation feeling good.


Use a Kind Tone of Voice Throughout the Conversation

It’s important to use a kind tone of voice throughout the conversation. This is just basic good manners. No matter if the request is professional or personal, you should always do this. It’s also a good idea to smile and make eye contact. Saying no can feel uncomfortable but these tips can make it easier.

These are some ideas to help you say no to others without sounding rude. Do you hate to say no to others? How to you handle it?

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I get why you have to be nice just say no it's not that hard. You'll say no more time than yes though out your life.

There's no way to make no sound good when they're looking for a yes. A simple no is all that's needed. Start giving explanations and being sorry will only give them a window to guilt you into saying yes

Or you could just say no....all noes should be equally valid

I like the cover picture, I always see that girl all over wikihow

I ment I don't get

Learn to say NO

Saying no "like a lady" some things just don't matter what gender you are..

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