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Vacation letdown is one of the worst feelings in the world. You’ve been off having a grand time and now you’re home and you have to get back to the old grind of work, house chores and all that other junk that you crave a vacation from. Instead of resigning yourself to the drudgery, use these fun tips for making your vacay last, even when you’re back to the office or scrubbing the bathroom toilets.

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Get Paper Copies of Your Pictures and Hang Them up in Your Space

Instead of just storing all your vacation photos on your iPhone, have some of them printed out. You can get them in just about any size and then you can frame the photos and hang them up at home and work. When you need a pick-me-up or a small dose of that vacay feel, just look at your pictures and remember the wonderful time you had.


Make a Scrapbook for Yourself or to Share with Family and Friends

I love getting out my vacation photo albums and remembering all the little things about my trip. This is also a fun way to share your favorite memories with your friends and family when you get home. Making the scrapbook allows you to immerse yourself in the good times and sharing them allows you to relive all the fun again.


Don’t Pack Away Your Souvenirs when You Get Home

I was recently in Chicago and bought a Christmas ornament at the Navy Pier. When I got home, I was about to pack it away with my other Christmas decorations, but instead displayed it on the corner of a photo frame. It isn’t holiday-themed and every time I walk past it, I get to smile thinking about the fun I had on my trip. Do the same with your souvenirs and you can relive the vacation all the time instead of just now and then.


Make Food and Drinks You Enjoyed on Your Trip

Sipping a Pina colada is always reminiscent of a beach vacation, even if you are on your own back deck. Remember your favorite meals and cocktails from your trip and recreate them right at home. You’ll get to have a fabulous meal, while also bringing to mind the carefree feeling you get when you’re away from home in a fabulous location. What will you prepare?


Plan Something Fun for when You Get Back

Anytime I take a trip, I make sure to plan something fun for the first few days when I get home. This gives me something to look forward to while I’m unpacking my bags and getting back to work. It also extends that vacation feel by giving you one more fun activity for the agenda. Maybe you plan a trip to the local museum or buy tickets to a concert. The time you spend there will be relaxing and vacationy.


Do Something You Did While on Vacation

Maybe you tried a jazz club or went on a mountain hike. Whatever it was, think about something new that you did while on your trip and recreate the vacation feel by planning something similar close to home. Put on a jazz record from the thrift store or hike a 14er near you.


Start Planning Your Next Vacation Right Away

Nothing takes the sting out of the end of a vacation like planning for your next one. As soon as you regroup at home, start dreaming about your next trip. Look into hotels and attractions and start getting that next vacay in mind. Research says that anticipating a trip is almost as wonderful as the trip itself.

Where did you vacation this year? What other tips can you share about making the feeling last? Where do you plan to visit next?

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35 years? What's your secret?

Very timely! I got back from Cyprus this morning and already feeling the holiday blues!! Great article!

Going to Mackinac Island Michigan for our 35 wedding anniversary.

Off on a Mediterranean cruise next week for two weeks . Years ago started to buy fridge magnets as souvenirs. They need little space to pack and as the collection grows they bring back loads of happy memories every day.

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