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Here is How You Can Turn down a Drink like a Lady ...

By Corina

If you don’t like drinking, if you can’t drink or if you shouldn’t drink because you're not of legal drinking age, you should know that there are quite a few ways to turn down a drink like a true lady. It’s normal to not like drinking and you shouldn’t feel weird about explaining to people that this is just not your thing. When you find yourself in a social situation, you'll often be offered an alcoholic drink, but you can turn it down without seeming like a killjoy. Here is how you can turn down a drink like a lady:

1 Decline Gracefully

One of the simplest and most efficient ways to turn down a drink is by simply saying “No, thank you, I don’t drink.” There’s no need to go into detail. Sometimes, a polite no will do the trick. The host will understand and they will not try to talk you into drinking against your will.

2 Offer a Polite Excuse

There are a lot of polite excuses you can offer someone when you are refusing a drink. You can say things like: you have to drive your friends home; you’re not thirsty at the moment; you are still recovering from a cold; or that you are pacing yourself. Just say whatever crosses your mind, be polite and you can convince your host that you don’t need to drink alcohol at a party to have fun.

3 Carry a Decoy

If you are trying to avoid drinking alcohol at a party, you could ask instead for soda, lemonade, Coke, non-alcoholic sparkling cider or some tea. Whether you drink it or not, having a drink already might stop people from offering you another one, especially an alcoholic beverage.

4 Enlist Allies

If you go to a bar or a restaurant with your friends, you can discreetly inform the waitstaff that you don’t like drinking and you could ask them to omit alcohol if anyone buys you a drink. This way, if your so-called friends don’t take no for an answer, at least you won’t be drinking alcohol thanks to the nice waitstaff.

5 Keep Busy

You can have a lot of fun at parties without drinking alcohol. Just keep busy. Meet new people, sing, dance or enjoy the meal or the appetizers. All these activities will give you something else to do besides drinking and you’ll have so much fun too.

6 Offer to Be the Designated Driver

If you don’t want to drink while you’re at a party with your friends, you could just offer to be the designated driver for the evening. This will give you a good and solid excuse to refuse alcoholic drinks. A sensible and responsible host should understand that and they should drop the issue right then and there.

7 Take a Drink and Hold It

If your host or your friends are not taking no for an answer and you absolutely have to take a drink, then just do it but don’t drink it. Simply carry the drink with you the entire night without sipping, or you could quietly abandon it somewhere.

Just keep in mind that you don’t have to drink at a party if you don’t want to; you can have lots of fun without any alcohol and you will also not have anything to regret the next day. How do you turn down a drink? Please share your tips with us in the comments section!


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