7 Helpful Tips for Shopping Addicts ...

I’ve had a shopping addiction since I was a young teenager and these are some of the tips for shopping addicts that have worked for me as I've overcome my need to shop. People use shopping as their crutch for a variety of reasons, so not every idea will work for you. Try a few of these tips for shopping addicts, what do you have to lose?

1. Cash ONLY!

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One of the best tips for shopping addicts: If you are going out shopping, leave all your credit cards at home. If you only take $20 with you, you can only spend $20. Keep an emergency ten dollar bill in your car in case you end up needing gas or some food while you’re out, but the plastic should be nowhere on the premises. Telling yourself you won’t use the card even if it’s in your wallet won’t work. I can’t count the number of times I’ve said I would only spend $25-30 at the store, then I end up finding something I β€œneed” to have, and because that little plastic card is so handy, I end up spending much more than I had intended. Best not to be tempted.

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