Green Issues: How to Cut down on Plastic Use through the Summer ...


It’s easier to use more plastic in the summer than you might think. Bottles of sunscreen, drinks bottles, picnics, days at the beach, time in the garden can all add up to increased plastic usage. While you’re out and about enjoying the joys of Mother Nature in the summer, do her a favor in return and try not to add to her pollution. Here’s how you can cut down on plastic in the sunny season:

1. Use Alternatives to Plastic Drinking Straws

It sounds a little sexy, but it saves on using plastic straws. They are the number one plastic item found clogging up beaches, the seas, and waste disposal facilities. Some people say you should use stainless steel or glass straws, but they do not travel very well and get bent or broken in your bag. Rubber straws will still pollute, but they are far more biodegradable than plastic straws. Plus, people have to buy rubber straws; they are not given away in fast food restaurants, so people are less willing to throw them away.

Drink Water from Reusable Bottles Instead of Chucking Away a Bought One Every Time
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