7 Great Ways You Should Be Using Pinterest as a Life Tool ...


7 Great Ways You Should Be Using Pinterest as a Life Tool ...
7 Great Ways You Should Be Using Pinterest as a Life Tool ...

Do you use Pinterest as a life tool? While the site may be less than four years old, it’s taken the world by storm, and it’s only set to grow in popularity this year when the invitation-only requirement is fully removed. Are you spending your time on the site valuably, though, or just passing the time? Here are some great ways to use Pinterest as a life tool.

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Own Your Virtual Wardrobe…

Pinterest is absolutely packed with amazing outfits and ideas in just about every style going. If you are looking for fashion inspiration, it’s a great place to go! Eliminate outfit anxiety entirely by creating an inspiration board for when you just don’t know what to wear. It doesn’t matter if you don’t own everything (or anything!) in the pictures, it’s simply a visual guide to colors, proportions and accessories. I’ve already started a board to collect layering ideas for the winter! It’s one of the best ways to use Pinterest as a life tool – who doesn’t want to look amazing all the time?!


Follow Your Dreams…

More than one person has discovered their calling in life from searching through Pinterest. Whether it’s finding a photograph that inspires you to pick up a camera and get snapping away, following a dress pattern that launches you as a fashion designer or creating a great cake that starts a baking business, don’t be afraid to pin and revisit things that you love. You never know where it could take you.


Plan Your Wedding…

Wedding planning is tough. While you might know that you want a red dress, you’ve still got a range of styles and shades to look through, and wedding magazines and websites are heavily influenced by the hot trends of the moment. What if you want a different theme? Try collecting up images of dresses, flowers, venues, wedding photos, bridesmaids, hairstyles, stationery, receptions… you’ll soon have a whole range of looks you love to work from. You can even make the boards private, to stop anyone from seeing, or invite your bridesmaids or family to help you with planning.


Plan Your Journey…

Do you spend hours every year searching for somewhere you want to go on holiday? Have a trip you’ll always remember and pocket that time for something else by pinning your dream trip to a travel board. Every time you find a destination you’d love to visit or an activity or food you’d love to try, give it a pin. Planning your next trip is just a matter of picking a picture!


Make Wish Lists…

Pinterest has an excellent gift function, so use it! Start a board titled “Things I Want,” and pin things that you love to it. If you use the gift sections, everything you pin will have a price and direct link to the item to purchase it, making it super easy for friends and family to buy it for you. It’s a much better way to do it than to have to think up a random list close to your birthday or Christmas.


Plan a Party…

Planning an engagement party, baby shower or surprise party? Try creating a secret board and inviting your other planners to the board. You can share images and ideas secretly, and all have a great idea of what you are aiming for. There are some amazing party ideas on Pinterest, too!



One of the funnest ways to use Pinterest as a life tool is to create a DIY board – and actually DIY! Pin things you’d love to make or bake, room makeover ideas that you love, accessories you need and shabby chic transformations, and see what catches your eye next time you need something to do. It’s great fun! (And there’s a hilarious Pinterest fails website for if it all goes wrong.)

Using Pinterest as a life tool rather than just wasting hours there is a great way to make changes and totally inspire yourself, and it’s great fun, too. Do you use Pinterest for something great? Let me know!

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Totally didnt mean to do that^ I LOVE Pinterest!

I love Pinterest ! It's so helpful.

Pinterest Is like Second Google To Me...!!! Love it...!!!

I it I get great idea's from it and like @ Mehma said its like a second google to me also

What did we do before Pinterest?? Lol, that's what I want to know! I <3 IT!

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