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7 Great Excuses for Missing That Wedding or Grad Party This Summer ...

By Jennifer

Listen, I like a good graduation party or wedding as much as the next girl, but this summer, I've been invited to more of them than I can possibly handle, and the truth is, sometimes the truth - I just don't want to come! - isn't the best excuse for not attending. If you need to be a little creative when you politely decline, I've got a list of handy excuses you can use.

1 Another Event

person, blond, busy, This excuse works in the summer especially because there are just so many weddings, showers, grad parties, BBQs... the list goes on and on. Drop the "prior engagement" excuse, and be done with it.

2 Heartbreak

person, hairstyle, meal, blond, toddler, If you've recently been through a bad breakup, leverage the misery of that sad event as an excuse not to go to that wedding you're dreading. It could even be the truth.


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3 Finances

person, document, IGGA, It's okay to admit that you just can't afford to participate in or attend another wedding or grad party this summer. You know you'll spend at least $50 on a gift - probably way more! - so feel free to use this honest reason as your excuse.

4 Out of Town

trail riding, I'm, going, adventure!, If you're traveling this summer, that's an excellent reason not to attend a wedding or party back at home. This one you can't really fib about though - be sure to share vacay photos just in case.

5 Travel Worries

person, kinda, have, this, problem, If it's a destination wedding or party, feel free to share your (real or make-believe) travel concerns. You can also say (true or not) that you don't have time to get or renew your passport.

6 Been There, Done That

city, market, Oh,, wish, uld, If this is the bride or groom's second, third, or - gasp! - fourth marriage, you definitely don't have to attend, nor do you have to be specific about why you're not coming. Politely decline, and if they express dismay, be vague, or get your friend alone and tell her you just can't do another one of her weddings.

7 Work

Hidayatullah, person, profession, CAN'T, WEDNESDAY, Not everyone has a surplus of vacation days this time of year, so go ahead and use work as a handy excuse why you just can't make that special event.

Of course these are all tongue-in-cheek excuses - there's nothing wrong with the truth, as long as you're not being brutal and hurting someone else's feelings. What's your best can't-come RSVP excuse?

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