7 Grammar Mistakes You Should Never Make Again ...


Whether English is your first, second, or third language, you've probably made some grammar mistakes in your essays, letters, and text messages. It can be tricky to remember what every single word means and how it should be used, so don't be ashamed of your errors. Once you learn how to properly use certain phrases, you'll never make the same mistakes again. Here are some of the most common grammar mistakes that you should avoid making in the future:

1. Since/Because

People will use these two words interchangeably, which is technically incorrect because they don't mean the same thing. "Since" refers to time, so you would say, "Since I graduated from college, I've received several job offers." When you use "because," it should refer to the cause of something: "I'm full, because I ate an entire cheesecake." Don't be embarrassed if you've made this error before, because it's one of the most common grammar mistakes.

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