7 Good Reasons Not to Send Nude Photos to Anyone ...


There are so many reasons not to send nude pictures to anyone, but with nearly everyone having a cell phone, Facebook, Twitter, email and Instant Messaging, it’s all too easy to give in and snap a picture. Whether it’s for your boyfriend or a random flirty stranger online, girls of all ages are talked into exposing themselves for the camera every day. It’s become incredibly common place and the trend needs to stop. Some women think that sending a naughty picture to their boyfriend will tempt him into some fun later on in the day, but there are other ways to get their attention! Please read these reasons not to send nude pictures and make sure that if you give a little strip tease you do it in person, not via camera.

1. Screen Shot

Screen Shot

One of the reasons not to send nude pictures even on apps that supposedly erase what you send moments after it is received is that most people know how to take a screen shot with their phone. SnapChat is an app that allows you to send a private message or picture to a recipient and then deletes it in a matter of seconds so that no one else can read it or see the pictures. In theory this is pretty awesome, but all it takes is a quick screen shot of that nude photo you send to that guy you’re trying to get with and now that picture is permanent. It can be posted online, texted back and forth between friends… you never know where it will end up.

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