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The internet is practically littered with time management tips telling you how to try to squeeze even the last drop of time into the business jar for “maximum efficiency.” Unfortunately, getting more things done faster often causes stress, fatigue and other problems. So, often times, the best way out is to seek out some fun time management tips that can really get you in the mood for restructuring your work schedule.

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Using Mind Maps

One of the best time management tips you can use for making work schedules more fun, as well as more efficient, is mind mapping. Mind maps can help you take notes quickly, solve problems in record time, come up with exceptionally innovative ideas, and impress your boss with remarkably well-ordered presentations.


Planning for Less Resistance

A time management tip that not many people think of is the idea of relying more on a relaxed, upbeat mindset, rather than one that would push you to do more work as fast as you can. A simple example would be taking a detour through the park before work, to fend off stress caused by your natural inner resistance to unwanted outer changes.


Shorter to-do Lists

To-do lists can be great for time management, but they can also get you feeling overwhelmed. Break down large tasks into smaller ones, focusing on details. Also, stick to short daily to-do lists to keep things organized, instead of planning everything 1-2 weeks ahead. And you can turn even your lists into something more fun by using colorful templates or writing down special treats you can give yourself after finishing a task.


Enhancing Business Strategies with Board Games

Make a habit of playing a strategy board game, such as chess, Monopoly, or various modern business board games, city building, or time management games. It's not only great fun, but it can help you organize your mind better, as well as train your time management skills and teach you to think ahead.


Random Idea Jars

Idea jars can be great for coming up with storyline plots or deciding on vacation activities, but they are also great for work scheduling. After you’re done with the most crucial activities of the day, use your idea jar to save time with randomly selected activities required in the next few days.


Daily Exercising Schedules

Getting your daily dose of exercise is one of the best time management tips you can find. Just plan for 15-20 minutes of fun-packed exercising each morning and your improved circulation, better oxygenation, and gradually increasing physical and mental stamina will help you be more focused, active, at ease, and creative overall - which will automatically lead to better time management.


Playful Brainstorming

If you work in a creative field, combining brainstorming with word games or other fun activities can often help you get a lot more done in less time by generating ideas faster. Playful brainstorming can be especially powerful when you have to come up with marketing ideas or new work scheduling strategies.


Organized Environments

An organized environment may not seem like much fun, but it will help you keep your mind calmer and find objects or tools faster around the workplace. Instead of wasting precious time looking for a pencil or an old file, you can focus on more pressing and important matters. And since you have everything neatly organized, there surely will be room for a miniature basketball hoop or other fun gadgets to help you unwind during your (well scheduled!) breaks.


Intention Markers

Intention markers can be used by people who get distracted easily. If, for instance, you tend to get distracted by phone calls, simply jot down a single word on a sticky note (such as “laundry”) and place it near your phone as a reminder.

Although some of these tips might not seem like much at first, try them out and you’ll find them to be quite effective in improving your time management skills. Do you have any other fun ideas that might be useful in managing time better?

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