Super-Fun Things All Girls Should Tick off Their Bucket List before Summer Ends 👣🍨🏖 ...


We’re getting closer to the end of summer and while fall brings its own set of simple pleasures, it can be a little sad to see summer end. That’s why it’s important to squeeze in a few more fun things before the sunny season is over. Make the most of the summer days you’ve got left! These are 7 ways to do that.

1. Enjoy Fresh Produce 🌽

Fruits and vegetables have an entirely different taste when they’re straight from the farm rather than from your local grocery. It’s great that we can get fruits and vegetables all year round from the grocery store but when you can, buy fresh. Visit your local farmer’s market or roadside stand to get the best of summer’s produce. Everyone has their favorites. I love fresh cucumbers, yellow tomatoes, corn, watermelon and peaches!

Going Barefoot 💋
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