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3 Fun Things to do with Friends This Summer You Haven't Tried Yet ...

By Pauliane

The Summer being here means an opportunity to do as many outdoor activities as you like, the days are longer and so is your time.

Here are fun things you and friends could do this summer, but probably haven't yet!

1 Attend an Outdoor Cinema These were first introduced around 1916 and have kept their place ever since.

It is a great alternative to the indoor cinema and the atmosphere is more noise friendly making it more fun to attend with friends.

2 D.I.Y Hocolate The taste bud for chocolate is here to stay so why not take a group of friends for an hour to learn how to make chocolate.

You get to eat what you make at the end and hopefully the knowledge of how it is made will make it that bit more pleasurable when eating in future.

3 Going for a Run Together with Your Friends This may be controversial but trust me all that chocolate goes somewhere and what a better way to minimize it's stay than to work it out?

Working out with friends could be more fun than you imagine, friends that gym together stay together and the laughs will definitely ease the aches.

If all those don't tickle your fancy I am sure there are other imaginative ways you could spend your summer as long as they are friendly to your health your memories will thank you for it.

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