7 Fun Photo Items to Order from Cafe Press That You Should Check out Today ...


I love personalizing things with photo items from Cafe Press. I discovered this online company years ago when I was looking to make some t-shirts and coffee mugs with my blog’s logo on them. Not only did I get great items that are top quality, but now I have a keepsake of my blog through these items. I’ve gone back to Cafe Press to order photo items for people, whether for birthdays or holidays, and it always makes for a memorable, quality gift. Cafe Press also has great items for your home, pets, and even fun trendy stuff too! You can either upload your own images or pick out stylish, new designs they have on the website to personalize whatever you like. Check out some of my favorite fun photo items from Cafe Press, and be sure and check out the other offerings they have too.

1. Clock


One of the most unique photo items from Cafe Press is the variety of clocks they now offer. You can order anything from an inexpensive wall clock to something more elaborate for your home. Either way, it’s a great way to bring a smile to your face every time you look at the clock.

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