7 Magic Phrases ✨ for Girls Who Want to Be More Likeable πŸ‘Έβ€οΈ ...


Some of us can come across as selfish, even when we genuinely care about others. That's why you have to be careful about what you say. If the wrong words come out of your mouth, you could make a new enemy. However, if you make it a habit to say the following phrases, everyone in your life will start to like you even more than they already do:

1. How Can I Help?

It's always nice to have a helping hand around. If you see your friend struggling to prepare for a party or a coworker struggling to make the boss happy, ask them how you can help. Most people would just say, "Do you need help," which is a question that people tend to turn down, even if they really do need the assistance. That's why you should ask them exactly how you could help, so that they have no choice but to accept your assistance.

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