Ursula and Other Flattering Yet Dazzling Costumes for plus Size Women ...


Ursula and Other Flattering Yet Dazzling Costumes for plus Size Women ...
Ursula and Other Flattering Yet Dazzling Costumes for plus Size Women ...

Looking for an Ursula costume or perhaps another flattering plus size one to suit your needs? You certainly aren't alone.

If you are anything like me, you love to get into the spirit of the season. Now that September is quickly running its course all anyone can think of is fall fashion and of course, Halloween costumes! Halloween costume shopping can be quite annoying for any adult woman, but when you add a few dress sizes to that, it becomes a whole ordeal! Shopping for Halloween costumes larger than a “L” or “XL” is very stressful, if you want it to fit. But stress no more! Here is a list of 10 flattering Halloween costumes including an Ursula costume that you are going to love.

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Clothing, Purple, Violet, Dress, Costume, With the new Disney remake in the works, The Little Mermaid is becoming more popular than it has in decades. Show your love of the movie by dressing in an awesome Ursula costume this year! She’s the HBIC of the underwater world and a total BA.




clothing, costume, costume design, Sometimes you want to be a little cute and play off a childhood favorite. Party City has a plus size scarecrow that will give you an excuse to not have a brain for a night. Why I love this option? You can wear it around children! This is one of my favorite flattering plus size Halloween costumes!



Classic Witch

black, clothing, dress, fashion model, costume, When you are an adult, the green paint and long dress just does not have the same appeal. But Torrid has a classic witch costume that is sexy in length, but that you can still wear without embarrassing someone in the room. Get your brew ready! Why I love this option? It comes with the hat!



Minnie Mouse

clothing, day dress, costume, polka dot, design, Minnie does not need a Mickey to rock this outfit. If you’re looking to be cute but also a little stylish, pick up this Miss Mouse costume from Jet. Throw on some black pumps and red lipstick and you’ll have them begging to take you to Disney! Why I love this option? Mouse ears, duh!



Little Red Riding Hood

clothing, costume, soubrette, costume design, Something about making a super cute character totally sexy really makes dressing up worth the fuss. Little Red turns into a vixen in this saucy Leg Avenue costume from Wal-Mart. Why I love this costume? Who doesn't love a good hood?



Baseball Player

clothing, costume, sports uniform, joint, uniform, You can get a little competitive with this costume. It is sexy but also you can beat everyone in all the games they may play in this Dreamgirl costume from Target. You can even tie up the shirt dress and crop top your outfit. If it’s too cold throw on leggings instead of the shorts and it still works! Why I love it? It comes with knee-high socks!




clothing, costume, fashion model, magenta, costume design, Sometimes it is so much fun being so bad. This devil outfit will make you feel naughty just by leaving this house. This Ashley Stewart costume will turn heads. This costume goes all out with horned hoods and a devil tail. You are definitely getting what you are paying for. What I love about it? It comes with a built in body shaper!



Wonder Woman

costume, fashion model, costume design, Based on the blockbuster hit, you too can save the world from Ares. Or just save the party from more dark dull costumes. This Spirit Halloween costume will make you feel like you can take on anything. Don’t forget to purchase the shield or get crafty and make your own! What I love about this? You can wear a badass tiara!



Police Officer

clothing, costume, fashion model, You have the right to remain sexy in this cop costume. Be flirty and fierce with a cute dress, tie, and hat that would make everyone put their hands up. This Leg Avenue get-up can be purchased on Amazon. Don’t forget to throw some fishnets and sunglasses in your cart. What I love about this? It comes with the handcuffs *wink wink*


Flight Attendant

clothing, costume, costume design, Who doesn’t love a good excuse to wear a tight skirt and take over the microphone for announcements? I know I do. This well fit Leg Avenue costume will be sure to get you some “mile-high club” jokes. What I love about this? You can get it through Amazon prime!


Playboy Bunny

clothing, lingerie, undergarment, thigh, costume, Sometimes you don't want the whole outfit. You already own the cute dress? Already have the sexy bodysuit? Well then check out this bunny kit from Ashley Stewart. Straighten up your bowtie, throw on your sexy pumps, and party hop! What I love about this? The ears are perfect!


So what do you think? Are you going to rock an Ursula costume this year or go as something else? I'm sure whatever you decide you'll look ravishing!

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