7 First Time Jobs for Teens ...


First time jobs for teens can be a scary adventure. Teenagers are always busy. Between time in school, doing homework, and hanging out with friends, it can be a struggle finding a great first time job. Many of my friends tell me that they just don’t have enough time for a job or they don’t know what they’re interested in. However, there are so many jobs that require little time out of your schedule and are easy ways to make some extra cash! If you are a teenager looking for a first time job then check out some of these great ideas!

1. Great with Kids

Babysitting is a fantastic first time job for teens. Many parents love to have date nights, but think that they can’t leave their child at home. If you offer to baby sit, chances are they’ll spring at the offer. Plus, they pay graciously sometimes by the hour and, if you’re lucky, stay out extra late! Just make sure that you’re comfortable with the age of the child you’re watching. Don’t volunteer to care for a new born if you’re not prepared for screaming and for a few dirty diapers!

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