7 Fantastic Trends in 2013 I Can't Help but Love ...


7 Fantastic Trends in 2013 I Can't Help but Love ...
7 Fantastic Trends in 2013 I Can't Help but Love ...

With winter steadily approaching, I can't help but reminisce on the many fashion and beauty trends in 2013. From quirky fabrics to stunning colors, this year has welcomed a variety of popular trends. After the colorful explosion of style and decor on the runway and in the market, I can only imagine what the new season will bring. That being said, these are a few of the fantastic trends in 2013 that definitely caught my eye.

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The Mustache

The Mustache While this first point may have a few people sighing, I have to admit that this was one of my favorite trends in 2013. For reasons that are still a bit unclear, the mustache pattern showed up on a variety of platforms. Ranging from fashionable clothes to adorable mugs, mustache print took the world by storm.


Roaring Twenties Decor

Roaring Twenties Decor Due in part to Baz Luhrmann 's reboot of "The Great Gatsby", vintage-inspired hairstyles and clothing are making even more waves in the fashion and style industries than usual. As a lover of all things vintage, it was cool to see so many different interpretations of this classic era! From hidden speakeasy bars, to flapper-styled parties and weddings, this adoration for roaring twenties decor is sure to be around for quite some time.


Striped Sweaters

Striped Sweaters Striped patterns in varying sizes were a big hit this year. When paired with the right cut, stripes can be extremely flattering. If you love pairing monochromatic colors together, this is the perfect excuse to explore this trend! What's not to love about a fabulous black and white sweater? If you want to take it a step further, you should try stripes in even bolder shades.


Polka Dot Pants

Polka Dot Pants When I first saw this style popping up everywhere, I was a bit hesitant to try it. After getting over my initial nerves, I decided to get a cheap pair of polka dot leggings and have not regretted it since! This print looks just as fun and flirty on jeans! Pair these pants with a cute top and you will find it hard to resist incorporating them into your everyday look.


Faux Leather Skirts

Faux Leather Skirts Leather skirts have been spotted on many celebrities, including Rihanna, Demi Lovato and Kim Kardashian. While I've yet to purchase any, I've been keeping my eye on faux leather A-line skirts because of the volume and sass that they can give to an otherwise simple outfit. I never thought that a basic piece could make such a huge statement! If you are considering trying this look, Forever 21 usually carries a diverse and inexpensive selection of faux leather skirts.


The Curly Haircut

The Curly Haircut While this diverse hairstyle has been around for a long time (and can't really be considered a trend), I feel that it deserves honorable mention. Short hairstyles have become increasingly trendy this season. I've been known to rock my hair in a curly bob ever since I stopped getting perms. Another one of my favorite short hairstyles is a curly afro. I've never felt more empowered than when seeing people who realize that hair texture and length don't matter. Being proud of who you are is what matters!


The Color Blue

The Color Blue Lastly, I am featuring a color that has taken the home decor industry by storm as the final trend on this list. I've noticed that a lot of people have begun to paint their walls in various shades of blue, as well as find furniture to complement this marvelous hue. My friend's stylish flat is decorated with fabrics in this bold and soothing color.

There were many trends that came and went this year. I always find it interesting to see what is marketed to the general public. The most important thing to remember is that the best way to pull off a trend is to make sure that you feel completely confident in it. What are some of your favorite trends of 2013?

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For me was the colorful legging I all into leggings and long blouses with some long jewelry. But lk u said u need to fell good on it and b confide lk this anything turns out wonderful and beautiful,


I love the 20's look!!! I love any vintage clothes really, every day at sixth form is like a different era

@splashhh - no she doesn't and that is not JUST a teenage look. I think she looks like a beautiful VOGUE model in a fabulous outfit that is not 'showing off the whole pudding' and someone I could emulate.

In no5 the model looks a bit old for that look . Its a teen ager look

Omg i have always hated the mustaches

Did anyone else get the striped sweater song stuck in their head when they saw that? No, just me. Ok

I love the mustaches :D

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