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7 Fantastic Reasons to Learn a New Language ...

By Amber

There are so many great reasons to learn a new language. I mean, have you ever been to another country and wanted to communicate with people without having to rely on a half-decent translation manual? Or even with people in you own city that speak a different language? Well, this article should give you a few out of so many brilliant reasons to learn a new language and you’ll be on your way to being the most cultured, well-rounded person you know!

1 Communication

This is perhaps one of the most important reasons to learn a new language. When you know a different language, you open yourself to a whole new group of people. You’ll now have the ability to communicate with people you wouldn’t have had a chance to before, because the language barrier has been lifted!

2 Travel Abroad

This is a juicy one as well. Traveling abroad is a dream, life goal or reality of many people. In order to make the most of your trip, learning the language of that country could really add a dimension that wouldn’t have previously existed! Not to mention, it’ll probably be easier to get around, and you’ll save yourself from the embarrassing moment of badly fumbling a question about directions to the locals.

3 Career Benefits

There are always employers seeking candidates that are the full package, and most of the time, that includes being bi-lingual/multi-lingual. If you want the upper hand at your dream job, learning a new language could definitely give you an edge. Employers will love that you are well-rounded, and can communicate with clients they may have overseas. So, start studying, ladies!

4 Culture

Once you learn a new language, it’s easier for you to understand and even identify with that particular culture. When you know what certain texts, signs, quotes, art etc. say, you get a better understanding of what it actually means, and the value the people in the culture place upon it. It’s great for learning what people care about in that culture, and seeing how different or similar it is to your own.

5 Knowledge

Most school systems are required to teach the children another language. This is great because it starts you off at an early age. But don’t worry if your school didn’t, there’s always time to learn! Knowing a different language not only gives you more knowledge, it also helps you to excel in your undergrad, graduate, certification programs etc., when you can interpret other languages successfully.

6 Gain Friends

Knowing a language other than your own can help you a great deal in the social department. Imagine being in a social event with your classmates/colleagues/upper management, and speaking fluently in French or Spanish or another language of choice. They will definitely be impressed, and want to know more about you. It makes you more interesting and diverse than you already were!

7 Improve Your Own Language

Every language has its own way of pronunciation, conjugation, and grammar. Learning these tricks prove to be quite difficult, but it is necessary. However, when you have mastered them, it makes it easier to appreciate and improve the language(s) you already speak.

There are a lot more reasons to learn a new language and it’s impossible to list them all! But, you should definitely consider learning a new one. It could make you more intelligent, confident and independent in situations you wouldn’t have been able to overcome before! What reasons do you have to learn a new language?

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