Adults Never Want to Hear about These Embarrassing High School Situations ...


I guess it is safe to say that all of us experienced certain embarrassing high school situations that we don’t want to ever remember. When out of the blue you remember a particular incident, you try hard to bury the thought in your subconscious and proceed to think about something else that won’t make you feel the same dosage of humiliation that slapped you in the face when you were only 16. Here are seven embarrassing high school situations that we hope our friends will never ever mention, especially during high school reunions:

1. “Her Husband Was My Ex”

“And she used to be my BFF,” said this drunken woman while pointing at my friend. It was a high school reunion that I got invited to attend two years ago. Talk about one of those embarrassing high school situations that you don’t want to witness. Of course, everybody knows that but do you really have to shout it to the world? The drunken woman came out pathetic and stuck in the past. Lesson learned: “Never get drunk in a high school reunion.”

“You Cheated, That’s Why You Didn't Graduate with Honors”
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