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People are always wondering what are some easy ways to stay organized. Luckily, it’s easier to stay organized than you think. Not only is it easy but it’s important as well because staying organized helps to stay on top of everything that’s going on around you. So to have a better grip on things, here’s a list of easy ways to stay organized.

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Alerts on Your Phone

One of the easy ways to stay organized is by setting up alerts on your phone! You most likely take your phone with you everywhere and check it on a regular basis. Any alerts you set on your phone therefore won’t be missed. Furthermore, there are many apps available on smart phones that send you detailed alerts in a clever way.



One way to de-clutter your mind is by taking everything and putting it down in a list. In fact, you can be even more specific and create different categories and sub-categories when it comes to your list making. The point is that lists are a great way to organize your thoughts, your daily chores and anything else in life.


Planner/daily Schedule

Planners or daily schedules are a great way to organize your day if you find you’re missing appointments, cancelling on your friends last minute, or are just always on the run. You can better organize your time and therefore your life with a planner. Plus, when your day is planned efficiently you will start to see you have more time than you thought.


Wall Calendar

If you can’t be bothered to refer to a tiny planner on a regular basis then maybe a wall calendar is more your style. Wall calendars take up a large amount of space and aren't easy to ignore if they are placed in the right location of your home. Plus, if you’re living with your family or roommates, the people around you will be more aware of your schedule and try to work around you to better accommodate you.


Sticky Notes

Compared to wall calendars, sticky notes are tiny. But, that’s what makes them so great – I like to place them around my computer screen so I can be reminded of something important next time I use my computer. They're also great for putting inside your planner or on your wall calendar if you want to emphasize the importance of whatever’s on the sticky note.



Nothing will help you stay more organized than staying clean... whether it be a clean room, a clean dresser or a clean planner. When everything is neat, it’s easier to find things, harder to lose them and you’ll have less of an organizational problem when it comes to your everyday life.



Folders both in real life and on your desktop help you keep everything organized by category. Plus, folders are cheap and are available at department stores or dollar stores for an affordable price. Personally, I like to use folders to keep my bills, pay stubs and checks in order.

The most important part of staying organized is taking the time to do so. Investing your time and patience will help you go a long way. In addition, once you’ve set up a system that works for you everything will fall in to place. What are other ways to keep organized?

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