7 Easy Ways to Make a Style Statement ...

While everyone needs their classic, everyday pieces, sometimes you need to create a style statement by adding interest and something unique to your outfit. Fashion can be something that helps you express yourself and help you stand out but sometimes it’s hard to break yourself out of your usual routine when it comes to style and you can find yourself in a bit of a style rut. Here are some easy and fun ways to add a bit of a twist to your day to day outfit and give you a unique spin on your usual go-to look

1. Change Your Nail Colour

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This is so easy to do but has a big impact. Colours like nude and pink are safe, classic and girly but to give your normal look an interesting twist you can just switch up your nail colour. Even if the rest of your outfit is black head to toe this one detail can make your look pop. Think fire engine red, edgy slate grey or even cool mint green for a unique twist.

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