7 Easy and Affordable Christmas Crafts to Make ...


Christmas Crafts are one of the best parts about the season! I get almost like a little kid around this time of year coming up with new ideas for cute Christmas crafts! Whether you have children to make these Christmas crafts with or want to make them for yourself, I can promise that you will enjoy them either way! I love how simple and affordable each of these Christmas crafts are. Read on for some great ideas and inspiration on the cutest Christmas crafts ever!

1. Paper Chains

I'm sure many of use remember making paper chains from when we were children. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Paper chains are one of the Christmas crafts that never go out of style. You can do so many cute things with a paper chain! Use some patterned scrapbook paper to cut out your links and glitter glue to secure them for an extra kick of holiday cheer!

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