7 Easter Craft Ideas ...


7 Easter Craft Ideas ...
7 Easter Craft Ideas ...

If you are looking for a way to get into the Easter spirit this year and add a festive touch to your home, then you are going to want to get out your craft supplies and put your creativity to work with these Easter craft ideas. Whether you use them as decorations for your home, or you give them as gifts, these Easter craft ideas will definitely get you in the mood for spring, glorious spring.

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Paint Chip Egg Garland

Looking for really creative, yet inexpensive Easter craft ideas? Look no further than your local home improvement store. Grab a collection of those free and brilliantly colored paint chips and cut them out in the shape of eggs. String the eggs together with some ribbon or twine and you’ve got yourself a striking and colorful Easter egg garland.


Easter Pillow

Add a splash of Easter tidings to your living room with a lovely Easter pillow. Buy a plain, inexpensive pillow from a home supply store (pastel or light colors are ideal) and use fabric paint to create some festive designs on the pillow. You can print Easter eggs, chicks or bunnies, or you can write out the word "Easter" or "Spring" on the pillow. And there you have it: a simple pop of Easter and spring.


Make a Jelly Bean Monogram

I am so doing this craft for my front door this year! Just print out the initial of your first or last name on a piece of cardboard or heavy cardstock and cut it out, then cover the letter with glue and attach jelly beans to it. For a sleek look, use one color, for a more playful look, use different colors. Attach a ribbon and hang it where ever you like. Perfect.


Peep Tree

Even though I’m not a huge fan of Peeps, this is a cute and festive Easter craft idea. Get a bunch of Peeps (one color or a variety), stick toothpicks through the back of them and insert the toothpicks into a tree-shaped floral foam. A whimsical decoration, for sure.


Shaving Cream Easter Eggs

Looking for a craft for the kids? Here’s one they’ll love to make. Spray some shaving cream in a cake pan and add a few drops of different colored washable finger paint. Mix the paint into the shaving cream and let your kids spread the shaving cream paint onto an egg-shaped piece of paper. They’ll love using the shaving cream finger paint and you’ll love the keepsake craft.


Jelly Bean Candle Holder

This will look great as a centerpiece. Get an unframed mirror and glue jelly beans around the entire perimeter. When the glue dries, set a taper or pillar candle in the center of the mirror and you’ve got a sophisticated, yet festive Easter centerpiece.


Colored Flowers

Explore the wonders of science and create a colorful Easter display with this craft (err… science?) project. Fill glasses with water and add different colors of food coloring to the different classes. Place the stems of white rose or carnations into the water and watch in wonder as the flowers change color overnight. Use the flowers to create a stunning arrangement.

I find crafting to be a great creative outlet, and I particularly love making crafts for the different holidays; they always put me in a festive spirit. What type of craft projects are you going to make this Easter?

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