Don't Forget to Clean These 7 Areas of Your Home ...

Germs are everywhere and no matter how often you clean your house, there can still be a lot of germs all over your home. Donโ€™t beat yourself up because this isnโ€™t your fault. There are a lot of places people forget to clean or they donโ€™t even suspect that there might be germs hiding there. These places are not only easy to forget but they are easy to clean too, so the next time you are cleaning the house, just try and give them a little more attention and take a few moments to wash, wipe down or clean them. Here are 7 areas of your home that you should clean more thoroughly and make them spick and span.

1. Under the Bed

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A lot of people tend to avoid cleaning this space of their house; maybe itโ€™s a latent childhood fear of what lurks under the bed. Yet, this is a very popular spot for dust and dust mites, so you should give it a little more attention the next time you are cleaning your room, even if you are in a hurry. Make sure that you get the dust that collects around the bed posts too.

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