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Germs are everywhere and no matter how often you clean your house, there can still be a lot of germs all over your home. Don’t beat yourself up because this isn’t your fault. There are a lot of places people forget to clean or they don’t even suspect that there might be germs hiding there. These places are not only easy to forget but they are easy to clean too, so the next time you are cleaning the house, just try and give them a little more attention and take a few moments to wash, wipe down or clean them. Here are 7 areas of your home that you should clean more thoroughly and make them spick and span.

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Under the Bed

Under the Bed A lot of people tend to avoid cleaning this space of their house; maybe it’s a latent childhood fear of what lurks under the bed. Yet, this is a very popular spot for dust and dust mites, so you should give it a little more attention the next time you are cleaning your room, even if you are in a hurry. Make sure that you get the dust that collects around the bed posts too.


Personal Items Such as Cell Phones, Keyboards or Remote Controls

Personal Items Such as Cell Phones, Keyboards or Remote Controls These are the things that you and your loved ones constantly touch with your hands, which are always full of germs. If you want to clean them, make sure that you use the proper products so you don’t get them wet. Just wipe them down every now and then to eliminate germs in order to protect yourself and your family.


Door Handles, Knobs and Light Switches

Door Handles, Knobs and Light Switches These are also areas that everyone touches and they are not usually cleaned as often as they should be since they appear to not be so dirty, even though they are covered with germs. These places are easily overlooked even though they are bacteria hotspots. Wipe them down and disinfect them every time you clean your house and you’ll get rid of all those nasty germs.


Throw Pillows

Throw Pillows Even though you usually clean your bed pillows, do you do the same with those stylish and awesome throw pillows on your sofa? Most people usually use them to prop up their feet after a long day at work or they rest their head when they binge watch their favorite TV shows. These pillows are actually collecting a lot of dust, filth and even some dead skin. When you clean your living room, remember to remove those pillow covers and periodically wash them according to the care instructions.


Kitchen Trash Can

Kitchen Trash Can If your kitchen trash can smells nasty even after you throw out your garbage, you should know that some of the food debris or bacteria has found a way to stick around. Hose out any debris, give it a thorough scrub down and then spray it with a disinfectant and an odor-eliminating cleaning product.


Toothbrush Holder

Toothbrush Holder This item sits in your bathroom 24/7 and it holds a brush that you put in your mouth at least twice every day. According to a 2011 study by NSF International, the toothbrush holder is one of the germiest places in the entire house. It should be cleaned more often with some antibacterial mouthwash since this product is not only good for keeping your mouth clean but for cleaning your toothbrush holder too.


House Plants

House Plants A plant that grows outside will get rained on and dusted by the wind regularly, but a plant that grows inside your house will tend to get dusty and dirty in time. Every couple of days give your plants a cleaning by using a damp sponge or even with the help of a full-blown shower, depending on how big your plants are.

There are a lot of other places that are easily overlooked when cleaning the house, like under rugs, under kitchen appliances, curtains and upholstery, bathroom decor, lighting globes, panels and lamp shades, kitchen cabinet tops, ceiling fan blades or the window frames. Do you know any other areas of a house that people usually forget to clean? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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What about baseboards, doors and door frames? Picture frames and shelves and cupboards? It's endless!!!

Walls. Haha my walls get dusty! Ew.

Under fridge and stove...

Ew ew the throw pillows !? I guess I never really thought about it

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