Do πŸ€” Horoscopes ♋️♒️♍️♓️ Matter or Are They Just BS πŸ’© ...


Whether you believe them or not, there is no doubting that horoscopes are a huge part of our everyday culture. You see them in newspapers and magazines, there are smartphone apps dedicated to them, and there are people who pretty much make every decision in their lives based on what they have been told is good or bad for their specific zodiac sign! Like any other variation on a belief system, it often just comes down to your own personal feelings. Do horoscopes matter or are they just BS?

1. Sense of Identity

Whether or not you actually believe all of the things that are said about your zodiac sign, there is a definite sense of identity that it can give you when you relate to at least a few of the comments. There is nothing wrong with feeling a strong sense of similarity between yourself and some of the main traits of your star sign. After all, if you agree with them, then who says they aren’t true?

Sense of Community
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