7 Distractions We Consider Bad That Can Actually Be Healthy ...

By Rosalina

7 Distractions We Consider Bad That Can Actually Be Healthy ...

We all succumb to distractions during the day and whilst we might consider them to be bad for us, they can actually be healthy. The truth is, we need distractions in life because it's where we can sometimes find inspiration. It's also essential to have a little escapism and ensure that we don't always take life too seriously. Here are some distractions we all succumb to that we shouldn't berate ourselves for.

Table of contents:

  1. reality tv
  2. social networking
  3. daydreaming
  4. phone calls
  5. chatting with friends
  6. reading magazines
  7. surfing the web

1 Reality TV

Love it or loathe it, reality TV shows no signs of disappearing any time soon. We're hooked on other people's lives and love to watch the drama unfold. Okay, so it might not strictly be 'reality' but we can learn from other people's mistakes. And whether it's through watching the antics of outrageous Big Brother House Mates or the melodrama of the über glamorous lives of the Housewives, it can give us a great form of escapism from our own lives.

2 Social Networking

Social networking can be addictive and if you're spending all day on it when you should be working or studying then it isn't healthy. However, staying in contact with people is essential otherwise we will become isolated and unhappy. It's also vital for businesses and is a great way to network.

3 Daydreaming

Everything you see around you started off as a daydream. That chair you're sitting on was someone's daydream. That table you're sitting at, the coffee machine that made your pick-me-up this morning, that top/dress/necklace, everything around you started off as someone's daydream. Never stop daydreaming and don't berate children for doing so either.

4 Phone Calls

It's good to talk, in fact, it's vital. Catching up with friends and family over the phone is super important, especially now that our lives seem to have become super busy. Make time to make that phone call to a loved one. With the advent of face-time and Skype, you can see them even though they might be on the other side of the world. Amazing.

5 Chatting with Friends

Socialising is so important so don't cancel that coffee date with your friend or that dinner date with the girls. It's vital to let loose and learn what others are doing. You never know where it might lead and how you might be inspired by the conversations you have. Again, socializing is healthy and essential.

6 Reading Magazines

If you're a magazine junkie, fear not because it's not all bad. Reading it good for you! Ok, so trashy mags with sensationalist stories such as "My hamster ate my husband" should be limited but there are some great magazines with interesting stories you can learn from. Get distracted on your coffee break with a good magazine.

7 Surfing the Web

Where would we be without the web! Everything revolves around the double u double u double u dot. Again, it can become an addiction but I believe in everything in moderation. There is a lot one should be wary of on the web but there are also some great things we can gain from it. Surfing the web can be a welcome break from work and study.

These are some distractions that we might consider bad but are actually quite good for you and of course, it depends on how long you're actually spending being distracted because anything can become unhealthy if you indulge in too much of it. Can you think of any more distractions that might be considered bad but are actually quite good for you?

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