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Different Types of Muslim Headwear ...

By Deeceebee

Over the past few years, the topic of headwear for Muslim women has evoked a great deal of discussion. In today’s ever-increasing multicultural societies, it would be fair to say that you might be seeing more Muslim headwear than ever before, so why not take a few moments to educate yourself on the different types of garment that you are likely to see being worn by Muslim women in public areas of everyday life? The more you can understand about a point of interest in another culture, the less foreign it becomes. Let’s find out that a headscarf doesn’t always equal a headscarf with a look at the different types of Muslim headwear.

1 Niqab

blue, outerwear, electric blue, neck, girl, The niqab is a face veil that leaves an area clear for the eyes. It is usually worn with an accompanying headscarf to create the desired look.

2 Hijab

eyebrow, face, beauty, cheek, chin, This might be the headscarf you are most familiar with, scarves that come in various different colours and styles and cover the neck and head, leaving the full face clear.

3 Al-Amira

eyewear, vision care, glasses, girl, cool, This is a two-piece veil that is made up of a close-fitting cap, usually polyester or cotton, that is then held in place with a tube-like scarf of the same colour.

4 Burka

academic dress, outerwear, girl, coat, costume, This is the most concealing of all the Islamic veils. It is a large one-piece veil that covers the entire body and face, with a small mesh screen left in order for the wearer to see.

5 Khimar

outerwear, girl, costume, This is a long cape-style veil that hangs down to just above the waist. It covers the neck, shoulders, and hair fully but leaves the face clear.

6 Shayla

pink, purple, human hair color, outerwear, girl, Worn particularly in the Gulf region, the Shayla is a long, rectangular scarf that is wrapped around the head and pinned in place around the shoulders.

7 Chador

outerwear, fashion, textile, girl, denim, Worn mostly by Iranian women when outside the home, the chador is a full body cloak that is usually paired with a small headscarf underneath.

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