What Learner Type Are You ?📚⌨️🤓 ...


Whatever class you are in, you will find yourself surrounded by different learner types. There are 8 learner types. Your tutor will obviously try to cater for the general audience, but you may find that you struggle in one particular class because it is not being taught in a way that is suitable for your learner type. If you know your learner type, you can learn to compensate for it in classes and in your studies. Here are the different learner types:


Active learner types like to get involved with what they are learning. They learn by experimentation, manipulation and general tinkering. If you love practical lessons and working in groups, then you will be an active learner to at least some degree. Play to your strengths by focusing on subjects that are practical, while for subjects that are very informational (such as history), arrange group sessions to bring out your activate learner.

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