7 Obvious πŸ’₯ (and Not so Obvious πŸ€”) Societal 🌎 Differences in Gender Norms πŸ‘±πŸ‘© ...


We live in a strange age and there are definitely some differences in societal gender norms that we're still dealing with. Women are legally equal. We have equal rights on paper, but we are not represented at the same levels as men in many positions and careers and that does indeed suck.

However the recent Google memo debacle regarding the differences between men and women also showed us that there are some issues regarding the equality of men and women that are still taboo.

It seems people are not allowed to mention biological differences between the sexes. Society treats men and women very differently and we are still trying to get to a point where we understand why and how.

Here are some differences in societal gender norms that you should know about.

1. Men Dominate Many Management Roles and Still Dominate in Science-related and Engineering Professions

Is this simply because men are physically stronger? Is it because they cannot biologically give birth and cannot biologically breast feed their children? Does this allow them to dominate? One of the biggest differences in societal gender norms is the jobs that males and females gravitate toward.

Women Are in the Majority in the Fields of Teaching and Nursing
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