7 Differences between Male and Female Friendships ...


Although friendships in general form for the same reasons of support and companionship, we are able to discern certain differences between male and female friendships. While one is more casual, the other is more intimate and personal. As part of the female population, I have always admired how laid-back male friendships are; they always appear like they have less drama and more fun. However, let’s face it girls, the shared emotional connection we have is much stronger than the males! Let’s take a look at 7 of distinct differences between male and female friendships.

1. Emotional Attachment

As mentioned before, one of the top differences between male and female friendships is that females have a stronger emotional attachment to each other. We tend to reveal more things, share secrets and really get on a personal level, while guys tend to avoid those heart-to-heart talks and instead bond on a significantly decreased magnitude. However, I am sure there are moments when guys let their feminine sides shine and spend hours ranting to each other.