7 Delightful Advantages of Acting like a Child ...


7 Delightful Advantages of Acting like a Child ...
7 Delightful Advantages of Acting like a Child ...

Acting like a child can be really good for you. No, I’m not talking about throwing tantrums in the supermarket or throwing toys at your sister. I mean rediscovering that childlike sense of fun and delight that we sadly lose as we get older. Have you noticed how children can derive a huge amount of pleasure and interest from the simplest things? So here are some delightful advantages of acting like a child, and letting go of the stresses of being an adult …

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Stress Relief

One of the greatest benefits of acting like a child is that it provides stress relief. With the busy and demanding lives that we lead, and the stressful environment many of us live in, we need to counteract the effect of that stress. What better way can there be than to return to your childhood? So have fun with your kids, or simply enjoy some childlike pleasures such as making snow angels. You’re never too old!



If you think that you’re getting old, then old is exactly what you’ll be. You’ll make it happen. Yet age can be very much a state of mind. So enjoying some childlike activities can be a great way of helping yourself feel younger again. We can all get trapped in adult responsibilities; let go of them every once in a while and be a kid again!


Engaging in activities such as coloring, playing simple games, or running through sprinklers can revive that youthful energy. Have you ever watched children at play? They are utterly absorbed, carefree, and living fully in the moment. Channel that energy by allowing yourself a spontaneous dance in the rain or a dive into a good fiction book. These moments of unadulterated joy and playfulness can act as a fountain of youth, lightening your spirit and sprinkling your life with giggles. Remember, youthfulness is an inner feeling that shines outward!



It’s easy to forget that we were all kids once, and to forget how the mind of a child works. So we can fail to be sympathetic when what seems a small thing to us is a big deal to our kids. Putting yourself into their mindset and acting like a kid can help remind you how they view life, and give you an appreciation of their worries.



Another advantage of getting in touch with our inner child is that it allows us to enjoy the simplicity of childhood once again. As adults, we do have a tendency to complicate everything! Children see things in very simple terms, and by following their example we can regain a little of that simplicity.


Remember the sheer joy we felt as children when we engaged in play, without the looming overhead of deadlines and responsibilities? Tapping into that childlike wonder makes the world seem more wondrous and our lives less burdened by the complexities we've created. It's about embracing the moment, much like a child who finds fascination in the ripple of a puddle or the hue of a sunset. By simplifying, we not only unclutter our minds but reignite that spark of spontaneous delight, making room for creativity and playfulness in our day-to-day lives.



Children have so much energy, don’t they? Unlike them, we spend a lot of time engaged in sedentary activities, which isn’t good for our health and fitness. Taking part in some active pastimes will help keep us fit, increase our energy levels, and provide a fun workout. So take the dog for a run, or play games with your kids in the park.


No Self-Consciousness

Kids are not naturally self-conscious; they are taught to become that way by experience. Think about how many times you have avoided doing something because of what someone might say, or through fear that you might look silly. Children don’t worry about that. So be like them, and just go ahead and do whatever you feel like doing.



Finally, acting like a child is just plain fun! And why should kids have all the fun? So shrug off your grown-up side for a while and simply enjoy yourself. Be a six year old again, and do something silly. You can do this in the privacy of your own home if you want, if it really would be too embarrassing to be seen (although bear point 6 in mind about not being too self-conscious!).

Letting your childlike side run free for a while is really good for you. Okay, so we have to be grown-up most of the time, but we can allow ourselves that escape from adult responsibilities. Let’s face it, being an adult can be pretty boring! So relax, switch off your grown-up side, and revert back to the pleasures of being young for a while. What’s your favourite way of being a kid again?

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