The Coolest Things at the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade ...


The Coolest Things at the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade ...
The Coolest Things at the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade ...

Whether you watch in person or on television, the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade is a wonderful tradition. I always turn it on for my kids as soon as we get out of bed. They watch it off and on all morning. It’s always so much fun to see what new and exciting things make an appearance. My dream is to one day attend the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade for real. For this year, I’ll be watching for the following cool things, and much more.

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Marching Bands

One of the best parts about the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade is the music. Marching bands from a variety of schools come with their best instruments and most practiced music pieces. In addition to playing their music, we also get to watch them march in formation. It’s really cool to see all their hard work.



New York City, where the parade is hosted, is also home to Broadway and all of its musical performances. This year, watch for guest appearances from many of the actors and actresses who will sing, dance and otherwise awe the crowd in the city and at home on their cozy couches. That includes White Christmas, The Little Mermaid and South Pacific.



Of course, the parade wouldn’t be as memorable without all the huge floating balloons that inspire wonder in people of all ages. There are some that make an appearance every year and others that only show up now and then. It’s always fun to see which one will float by next. This year, watch for Spider-Man, Paddington Bear, Power Rangers, Skylanders and SpongeBob SquarePants.


World Series Players

The World Series was huge this year, and many of the players from the Taney Dragons will lead the parade in New York City. The team made news with its outstanding female player, Mo’ne Davis. Take a chance to see them off the field by watching the parade this year.


Circus Performers

Who doesn’t love the circus? All of the acts rivet audiences of all ages. I love the elephants and trapeze artists best. This year, the Macy’s parade will host performers from the Big Apple Circus. They will awe and amaze you as they show off their daring and talents. You’ll work up an appetite for turkey just by watching them.


Celebrity Singers

This year, you can expect to be regaled with the music of many celebrity singers. Among them are Nick Jonas, Cole Swindell, The Madden Brothers, Idina Menzel and the Muppets from Sesame Street. It looks like there will be a little something for everyone this year. So go ahead and get cozy because you aren’t going to want to miss a second of the musical line up scheduled for this year’s Macy’s parade.


Dancers and Cheerleaders

The dancers and cheerleaders at the parade are one of my favorite parts. It’s cool to see their synchronicity and all the hard work they put into creating a show that will take our breath away. This year, there will be thousands of dancers and cheerleaders from places all over the country. They’ll be decked out in awesome costumes that are almost as great as the performances themselves. I think you’ll agree that this is one of the best acts in the entire parade.

Does your family watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade? What are your favorite parts? Let me know what you think of this year’s show.

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