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Who says work has to be all business--we'll have you know that there are several companies with fun offices that would make a playful child jealous. They say all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy (or Jill a dull girl, amirite ladies?), so companies might as well make the most of their work space and keep things exciting! A common trend for fun offices is that they often times reside in Tech companies. This serves as a great recruiting tactic to help attract the top employees in the biz. Take a look at some of these companies with fun offices from around the world!

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Google Office in Zurich, Switzerland

Google Office in Zurich, Switzerland This wouldn't be a list of companies with fun offices if it didn't include Google. Google has been known for its playful environment that could make anyone want to come to work, but their Zurich office is pretty remarkable. Complete with slides and fireman poles, multiple kitchens and free meals, working extra hours may be a welcomed task!


Facebook in New York, New York

Facebook in New York, New York We're all aware that Facebook is a really interactive and fun company, but inside the walls of the building you'll find arcade games, ping pong, and a giant "wall" where you can sign your name or write a thought (see what they did there?).


AOL in Palo Alto, California

AOL in Palo Alto, California AOL has had a somewhat recent face lift both as a company and in the physical office. In their headquarters, you'll find pool tables, bright and modern design, and several spots to kick back and relax. Ah, just another day at the office.


Lego Office in Denmark

Lego Office in Denmark This office is just about everything you'd expect from the company that makes every child's staple toy. Tube slides, foosball, and interactive play stations make for a fun and energetic work environment to unleash your inner child.


Zappos in Las Vegas, Nevada

Zappos in Las Vegas, Nevada While Zappos may be located in the city of sin, their office space is complete heaven. Employees get to have a say in the office design and make their cubicle completely their own. The office even has a jungle complete with inflatable monkeys for good measure.


Living Social in Washington, D.C

Living Social in Washington, D.C It makes sense that a company that seeks to help its consumers find fun and exciting getaways and activities would have a fun environment themselves--which is exactly what life is like working for Living Social. Games, flat screen televisions, and free fitness classes are just some of the perks of being an LS employee.


Corus Quay in Toronto, Canada

Corus Quay in Toronto, Canada This is a huge office with over 1000 employees that tries to make the work environment as pleasant as possible to bring everyone together. The office harbors a huge 5 story atrium complete with--you guessed it--a slide, and a TV studio. Also, in true Canadian fashion, some board room tables are even shaped like hockey rinks. That's one way to make meetings more enjoyable!

Plain white walls and stark cubicles should be a thing of the past, and these offices prove that where you work doesn't have to be dull and boring. Employees have shown to be noticeably happier at work when they have fun environments and perks to make work seem less like, well, work. What would be your ideal work environment? Please share your ideas in the comments!

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Quicken Loans have really fun and cool offices. My aunt works in one in Michigan. the carpet is fun colors and the walls and doors have graphite on them!

how cool!!

don't forget about Pixar!

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