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There are actually many common traits among women despite our cultural differences. Some of these are more simple than others, but are all proof we are all connected on a female basis. I love that there are common traits among women that I sometimes forget aren’t all my own. Many of these are what give us a sense of being a woman, while others are stemmed from our upbringings. Next time you meet someone from a different culture, remember, she’s more like you than what you might imagine!

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One of my favorite common traits among women of all cultures, is we all have a natural ability to nurture others. Watch any woman who cares for a family, or lives with someone. Most likely, she finds herself nurturing them, either verbally or physically. Cooking, coaxing, or providing financially for people, are all some ways we nurture others. Others include encouraging, loving, and inspiring others.



Though most all women from different cultures have different ideas about beauty, or different beauty routines, we all share a sense of beauty, and what that means to us. We also usually have a beauty practice, despite how different it might be. For some women, oils and herbs are a beauty tonic, while for others, certain products or activities are.


Food is Traditional

Most women also all share a trait that believes certain foods are traditional, and help unite us with our culture. For me, that might be relating Thanksgiving dinner to tradition, while for women across the world, it might mean something totally different. All women embrace cultural aspects of food, yet we also all share a common passion for traditional foods we grew up with too.



Find any woman from any culture and you’ll see she has a vital source of strength, outside from physical, of course. We all each deal with hard-to-deal with issues in life, many of which can feel defeating at times. Yet all of us have immense strength to overcome obstacles, and women from all cultures share this common trait.


We Value Relationships

All women value relationships in life. Though many of us have dealt with hard relationship issues, we all have a strong sense of appreciation for what relationships bring. This means most of us could easily unite with women from any culture, and develop an instant bond. We appreciate relating to others, which is a wonderful trait for a woman to have.


We like to Create

Women from all cultures like to create, whether that be physically, or mentally. It gives us a freedom of expression, a way to use our talents, and way to provide things for ourselves and the world.


We’re Emotional

Some of us hide our emotions better than others, but all of us are emotional creatures. We have the ability to use these for our best interests when we use our emotions wisely. All women have emotional traits, which is part of being female. Use them to nurture others, yourself, and to relay love and light into the world.

Most of these common traits among women are all things you wouldn’t normally think of, but they are important. Remember next time you meet someone from another culture that she’s much more like you than you might just think! Do you know any woman from another culture? If so, how are you two alike?

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Nice article. Strength and nurturing are my favourite. I've lived in three countries and no matter the culture, women are resilient and caring.

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