Common Plumbing Problems when to DIY and when to Call a Plumber ...


Common Plumbing Problems when to DIY and when to Call a Plumber ...
Common Plumbing Problems when to DIY and when to Call a Plumber ...

You are a strong, independent woman who doesn’t need a man – not even for fixing some of the most common plumbing problems. However, there are some more advanced plumbing issues that no amateur, regardless of gender, should attempt to tackle on their own.

We’ve put together a guide to what water-related issues you can and should DIY, and which ones will require you to call in the professionals. So cue up the Helen Reddy and read on!

Plumbing Tasks You Can Take on Yourself:

If you wake up one morning and find any of the following problems, roll up your sleeves and dive right in. You’ll feel super accomplished when you’ve successfully solved your water system woes. Talk about adulting!

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Running Toilet

This is a huge water waster, not to mention an annoyance. Most of the time a running toilet is due to a faulty flapper valve. That’s an easy part to replace, but first you’ll need to turn off the water and drain the toilet tank.


Backed up Drains

Whether it’s your kitchen sink, bathroom basin, or shower stall, a drain that won’t clear is a definite bummer. Time to pull out the ol’ volcano science project materials, baking soda and vinegar. Learn the steps for this "reactionary" solution. If that doesn’t take care of the issue, you can advance to using chemicals or a snake (more on that in a minute).


Clogged Toilet

If there’s anything worse than a clogged drain, it’s a stopped-up toilet – ewww! Not to worry, girl, you got this. First, use a plunger to clear the blockage. Make sure you have a flange plunger or an accordion plunger, both of which work better for toilets than the flat style. Not doing the trick? Here’s where a plumber’s snake comes in handy.

Also called a drain snake or toilet jack, this tool is a type of flexible auger that can go down drains or toilets to clear stubborn clogs. Pick one up for under $75 at the hardware store.

When to Call a Plumber:

Don’t mess around with the following situations, which really require the training, experience, and professional tools that only a plumber possesses.


Leaks of Any Type

Leaks may look simple on the surface, but like your ex-boyfriend's emotional issues, they can be deeply rooted.


No Water at All

If your house has seemingly run dry, check all the faucets to make sure. A problem with the hot water heater won’t affect the cold H20, so if there’s nothing but a drip when you turn the tap, call the plumber.


Broken Water Heater

In the event that you don’t have hot water but the cold is working fine, your water heater may be on the fritz. This is a pretty complicated install, so don’t try it at home, kids.


Sewer Odors

Obvs, the septic tank isn’t something you want to get involved with. At the first whiff of gassy, sulfurous, or plain ol’ poopy odors, get thee to a phone.

Unsure about whether a situation is safe for you to self-diagnose and treat? According to Melbourne plumbers, you should go ahead and give your local plumbing company a call just to be on the safe side. They’ll be happy to come check things out, tell you what’s happening, and steer you in the right direction. If their services are necessary, you can likely get an estimate – and maybe even the repair itself – right then and there.

There you have it – a few easy fixes that will enable you be self-sufficient, as well as times when a little help is needed. Now that you know the difference, why not share this article with your social media followers too? Use the easy share buttons below, and don’t forget to like and follow All Women’s Talk while you’re at it!

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