8 Common Misconceptions about College Life ...


So as I am rounding out the end of my junior year of college, I am suddenly reflecting on all the misconceptions about college life I had when entering my freshman year. Entering college is one of the biggest life changes you can go through. It is the first time leaving your home, you are almost entirely independent, and you really don’t know what to expect. Going into college I relied mostly on TV shows and movies to teach me about college life, but now I realize that they are mostly wrong. As an experienced college student, here are some of the most common misconceptions about college life and what they are actually like.

1. Dorm Life is the Only Option

One of the big misconceptions about college life is that dorm life equals college life. While most colleges guarantee housing on campus for at least one year, many people leave to live in apartments after that. It is entirely up to you what suits your lifestyle more. I personally love living in my apartment, where I can cook and don’t have an RA telling me to be quiet. But I do miss the convenience of dorm life and having a meal plan. When entering your freshman year, make sure you look into what most students do the next year about housing. And don’t forget to talk to your parents and see which one fits your budget more.

The Food is Bad
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