10 Christmas Safety Tips That Should Not Slip Your Mind ...


The winter holidays are a time of joy and excitement, when the whole family reunites and the house is likely full of people - but this is also the time of the year when accidents can easily happen, so make sure that the most important Christmas safety tips don't slip your mind. The last thing you'd want is to have your festivities cut short due to an unfortunate incident. Here are 10 Christmas safety tips to make sure nothing ruins your holidays – except maybe for the usual family squabbles.

1. Buy Fresh

If you are not into artificial trees, one of the most important Christmas safety tips you should consider is to make sure that the one you purchase is freshly cut, as these are less prone to fire should your lights fail. Also, make sure to keep the Xmas tree watered and as far away from lit candles as possible.

Check for Certification
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