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7 Certifications That Are Handy to Have ...

By Michelle

There are many certifications that are handy to have. A lot of young people are so concentrated on getting a degree that they forget that having a few certifications in various things can give you a nice edge to potential employers. There are also many jobs that require you to have certain certifications anyway, so let’s take a look at a few easy certifications that are handy to have.

1 First Aid

This has to be one of the easiest, most useful certifications that are handy to have. I got my certification for this last year, and I’ve already helped save three different lives because I now know CPR. Also, potential employers love to see that you have this certification because you are guaranteed to make the workplace safer. It’s also nice to just show off to your friends when you can explain how a defibrillator works!

2 Microsoft Office Specialist

This is basically a certification for having common sense. If you know how to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher, you can take a test and get this certification. It looks fancy on your resume and you can brag about how you are a specialist in something.


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3 Language Certification

I’m currently working towards getting my language certification in Italian right now. If you have this certification, it shows that you can speak a language well enough that you have the ability to teach someone the entire language. If you happen to be bi-lingual, you can get this certification and have your own classes. Make your own business just by speaking more than one language!

4 Club Drug Certification

I got this certification just because I thought it would look cool on my resume. The certification is about $10, and you get to learn all about drugs and how they affect people when mixed with alcohol. When I apply for jobs my potential employers always look at me with such confusion because it is a rare certification to have, but it is useful. Being in college I have seen a lot of people doing drugs and mixing them with cheap liquor, so it’s nice to know how to handle them if things take a turn for the worst.

5 Food Handlers License

This is a handy certification if you are in between jobs, working through school, or you just want to work with food in general. There are many restaurants that require you to have a food handler’s license in order for you to serve. The license is only about $50, and you’ll make double that amount on your first day serving at a restaurant.

6 Bartending Certification

This is also a great thing to have if you need money, or if you work in a restaurant. Bartenders make so much money it’s ridiculous. In the grand scheme of things they can make about $70,000 a year if they work at a decent place. You’ll also always be invited to parties because you’ll be the girl who can make the best margaritas.

7 Security Certification

If your personality is more on the tough side, you can get a security certification. This provides you with decent job opportunities in security. That means you can have a job where you sit at a desk watching people walk through a door for eight hours and you get paid about $20 an hour. This also helps if you want to get into carriers such as the police department or the fire department.

Some certifications are easier to get than others, but all of the certifications that I have talked about are things that ordinary people can get in a quick amount of time. They are all relatively cheap and can even help you land a job that you want. What are some certification that you think are handy to have?

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