7 Ways to Work Smarter and Faster on Your Computer ...


7 Ways to Work Smarter and Faster on Your Computer ...
7 Ways to Work Smarter and Faster on Your Computer ...

No matter what you use it for, there are ways to work smarter and faster on your computer. The computer is like a time vacuum. It sucks time away and before you know it you’ve wasted an hour just replying to emails. If you feel like you’ve lost a great portion of your life to your computer, it’s time to change things. Below, I’ve compiled a list of ways to work smarter and faster on your computer. Use them to increase your efficiency. Just make sure you stay away from Candy Crush Saga!

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Remove Bloatware

Bloatware is software you download alongside other pieces of software. These could include items like custom toolbars. You tend to get this the most with free software. One of the best ways to work smarter and faster on your computer is to get rid of bloatware. Examples of software you might use to do this include tweaknow.com orf you're a Mac user, macpaw.com.


Filter out the Search Spam

Every Google search leaves us with the potential for getting sidetracked by websites with little relevance to what we’re actually doing. There are search engines that filter out spammy search items, just leaving you with relevant results you want to see. If speed and productivity are important and you don’t mind moving away from Google, you might try Blekko or DuckDuckGo. One of the best search engines for news is Topsy. It filters the results by what appears on the most popular Twitter users’ news feeds.


What Does That Error Mean?

Most of us go straight into panic mode when an issue arises. We might reach for the manual or probably, more likely, call a support service or an engineer. Actually, you don’t need computer manuals to fix most computer errors. The chances are a thousand other people have the same problem. Type your problem into your search engine and you’ll soon find an answer to your problem. It’s faster than digging through dusty booklets or waiting for the techie to turn up.


Shrink All Photos

It’s brilliant to be able to store our photos on the computer but they can take up a heck of a lot of space and slow your computer down. You can make them much smaller when all you are doing is storing them, by using a program such as makeathumbnail.com.


Use Your Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are fundamentally designed to increase your productivity. It’s shocking just how many people don’t use them. There are lots of keyboard shortcuts to discover. Try implementing more and more without thinking about it every day.


Do Your Housekeeping

Another of the ways to work smarter and faster on your computer is to do your housekeeping. You should regularly clear your cookies and caches. Whenever we browse the web, certain pieces of information are retained to our hard drive. It makes every page slightly slower. Each browser has a different process for clearing cookies and caches but it’s usually dead easy to follow. If you don’t know how, just go to help.


Leave the Confirmation Page

Stop printing the confirmation page every time you shop online. it’s much easier to save it as a PDF or even a screenshot and this also gives you a permanent record. There are many add-ons and extensions for every browser, allowing you to create a PDF out of any webpage at the click of a button.

You may have to learn how to enact on the ways to work smarter and faster on your computer but once you do, and you use them, you’ll be much more productive. Do you know other ways to speed up when working on the computer?

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