7 Card Games for Maximum Fun ...


On those days when you want to stay away from technology and spend time with friends or family, card games definitely come in handy. Recently, a group of my friends and I went away together on a trip upstate and during those three days, playing cards was our main source of entertainment. And we actually had a blast! You would be surprised just how many card games you can play with one stack of cards.

1. Mafia

Mafia is one of those card games that are perfect for large groups. It’s a party game that gets everyone involved by giving each person a role of a moderator, detective, doctor, cupid, mafia or townsperson. The game is usually played through the rounds of day and night, and the goal of mafia members is to kill off the townspeople while for the rest is to weed out the mafia members. Once everyone learns how to play the game, that’s when all the fun begins!

Go Fish
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