7 Brilliant Black Scientists to Celebrate ...

While we women and minorities are making great strides in Maths, Sciences and Technologies, it's always helpful to have a few role models in mind, famous black scientists who set an example of what's possible when we pay more attention to talent and passion than race or sex. A glance at most textbooks over the years will demonstrate that we've still got some ways to go, but look how far we've come! Here are a few of the famous black scientists who've made great advances in their fields, and along the way, inspired generations of young minds.

1. Ernest Everett Just (biologist – 1883-1941)

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Ernest Everett Just is a famous black scientist most well known for his contributions to the field of biology. Born in Charleston, SC in 1883, Ernest’s passion for biology began while he was at Dartmouth College, when he read a paper on egg fertilization and embryo development. It was in this field that Ernest demonstrated his pioneering originality. He was the editor of three periodicals and he won the NAACP’s first Spingarn Medal for Outstanding Achievement by a Black American.

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