9 Bridesmaid Duties You Should Know about ...


Bridesmaid Duties come in all forms and fashions. From running last minute errands, to listening to the bride vent or licking 575 invitation AND save the date envelopes. If you have ever been a bridesmaid, these are just a few of the bridesmaid duties that may come to mind. But regardless of what the bride needs you to do, you should remember that even if you don't really want to do it, she chose you because she trusts you and relies on you and knows you would do the same for her in a heartbeat. So with that thought in mind, I give you 9 bridesmaid duties you should know about!

1. Voice Your Opinion

If the bride ASKS your opinion on something, don't hesitate to give your honest thoughts on the matter. After all, she did ask! And the same thing goes for the other bridesmaids. If they start getting all pushy on which gift to buy the bride or which decorations to purchase for the bridal shower although you have doubts on the matter, voice your opinion! You're the bridesmaid, you have the right!

Choose Your Battles
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