9 Bridesmaid Duties You Should Know about ...


9 Bridesmaid Duties You Should Know about ...
9 Bridesmaid Duties You Should Know about ...

Bridesmaid Duties come in all forms and fashions. From running last minute errands, to listening to the bride vent or licking 575 invitation AND save the date envelopes. If you have ever been a bridesmaid, these are just a few of the bridesmaid duties that may come to mind. But regardless of what the bride needs you to do, you should remember that even if you don't really want to do it, she chose you because she trusts you and relies on you and knows you would do the same for her in a heartbeat. So with that thought in mind, I give you 9 bridesmaid duties you should know about!

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Voice Your Opinion

If the bride ASKS your opinion on something, don't hesitate to give your honest thoughts on the matter. After all, she did ask! And the same thing goes for the other bridesmaids. If they start getting all pushy on which gift to buy the bride or which decorations to purchase for the bridal shower although you have doubts on the matter, voice your opinion! You're the bridesmaid, you have the right!


Choose Your Battles

One of the bridesmaid duties that may not be so much fun but is a vital part to being a bridesmaid is choosing your battles. Remember to keep it about the bride. It's her big day after all! So if the bride hates Italian food, speak up but if you can't stand tomato sauce, deal with it.


Line up Your Priorities

Showers are most certainly one of the big duties for bridesmaids and here's a tip on shower planning. Don't waste a lot of time and effort and money on favors. They usually end up left on the tables or in the trash! Instead, put your efforts toward food and games! Be creative and thoughtful-that's what makes a great bridesmaid!


Think outside the Box

When it comes to planning bachelorette parties (yet another of the bridesmaid duties!) most bridesmaids settle for drinks at the local bar or strip clubs. But why not do something other than the expected and totally cliche routine? Throw the lucky lady a sleepover with her closest friends or host a cooking class. Or maybe karaoke or pool parties are more up your alley. But think of the bride especially, and do something you know she will love!


Privacy Preservation

As a bridesmaid, one of your duties is to respect the privacy of the bride. Some women are totally shy when it comes to opening lingerie in front of everyone! But even if the bride-to-be doesn't blush easily, have all the bridesmaids agree to keep pictures and videos off of Facebook and Twitter. Remind everyone that their Mom and the bride's future MIL are on there!


Forego Humiliation

Many important bridesmaid duties involve keeping the bride comfortable, emotionally and physically. It's all fun and games when the bride and her maids are decked out in feather boas and bejeweled crowns. But requiring everyone to wear t-shirts with naked men or necklaces that portray certain male body parts are a party favor we can forego. You are the bridesmaid, so yes, you get to decide how the bach party goes!


Easing Nerves

When the big day finally arrives, it's one of your duties to make sure the bride stays calm and doesn't get too nervous. A few butterflies are normal, of course, but sit with her and make sure she doesn't need a paper bag! Bring the bride food, talk to her, make sure she has anything she needs and be a good friend!


Have Fun

As soon as the wedding is over, it's time to kick back and party! But not too hard. Remember, as a bridesmaid, eyes are on you, so you don't want to create a scene or do anything that would put the bride and grooms character in judgment. So have fun, just not TOO much fun!


Clean-up Crew

After the last glass of champagne has been drained and the last bag of rice flung at the happy couple, the not-so-fun part begins-cleanup! But one of your bridesmaid duties is to remain and pick up flower petals and take down tulle. Remember, the bride would do the same for you, so make sure you have her back!

These bridesmaid duties you should know about are all important tasks a bridesmaid should carry out, but perhaps the most important of all the bridesmaid duties is to be happy for your friend. It's her big day after all! Have you ever been a bridesmaid? Then you already know that there are some bridesmaid duties that can only be carried out by a true friend!

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