5 Bossbabe Time Management Tips to Take a Cue from ...

By Kiyoko

5  Bossbabe  Time Management  Tips to Take a Cue from  ...

I'm here with some great bossbabe time management tips. How do you manage to fit everything into your day? Here are five bossbabe time management tips that I've used to survive balancing out activities via time management.

Table of contents:

  1. calendar
  2. know when you are actually doing work
  3. know what matters and what you can handle
  4. choose 2-3 things that matter
  5. take a break

1 Calendar

Those beautiful Kate Spade binders aren't for nothing. I know these are really underrated or maybe I'm just the ditzy forgetful type as at times I won't even remember who I texted yesterday but all my events are stored here. For me to make it to an event, I usually need to know. Other great picks are Moleskin if you're not so girly. Either way, this is one of the best bossbabe time management tips.

2 Know when You Are Actually Doing Work

Assuming you sleep for 8 hours, you have 16 hours left in the day. To make it to an 80 hour work week, we do work 12 hour work days, from around 4 a.m. doing market research on earning calls, but that's four hours of absolute free time. Most of the time, people are concomitantly doing work while checking out their phones so productivity may actually be even lower than that. Anyhow that's at least still four hours of beautiful free time. Disclaimer: I actually don't sleep for 8 hours though and may have insomnia.

3 Know What Matters and What You Can Handle

It's because everything in the 21st century is designed to be highly addictive. Video games, Tumblr, even dating. For me, living in a constant state of heartache takes so much of my energy and time. I play with the idea, and I know some of the girls I have met in the past can deal, but being a woman I know that I will cry inside every other hour in love and unhappy even though externally I look perfectly proper. I would pick two to three things that matter in the moment. Socrates makes this sound so simple as THIS IS THE HARDEST THING EVER.

4 Choose 2-3 Things That Matter

In college, I could only pick my research job and work. After my first quarter in Greek life, I started bailing on events as I was not able to balance out more than two things that took up so much of my time. I moved to a few research positions, and wrote a blog; blogging actually doesn't take much time if your content isn't on photography all the time– for me, modeling and editing photos is a pain.

5 Take a Break

These breaks, doing something you love – going to events, dancing, reading, whatever it is, will help you take time for yourself to keep going and not burn out.

I hope these tips help you out, you busy babe!

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