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8 Bizarre Virtual Museums ...

By Neecey

Do you enjoy museums -- or even bizarre virtual museums? I do. I’d happily spend more time in them. From local rural ones with just a few curiosities, to the bizarre (the carrot museum) to the magnificent splendour of places like the V&A and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I love them all. Now, I know I spend a lot of time on the web but it came as a real surprise to me to find virtual museums. I don’t know why it had never crossed my mind before, given that everything else is online, but it didn’t. Now I’ve found them, I can browse at leisure at all manner of weird and wonderful objects so here are a few of the most bizarre virtual museums that have amused me so far.

1 Barf Bags

This is hilarious, yet bizarre virtual museum. You can find it at It features an astounding 1,379 airline sick bags from airlines from all around the world -- and you would never know there is so much variety in a receptacle designed to hold vomit.

2 Toast Art

Want to see Barack Obama or Eminem immortalized in toast? There’s all manner of art made from the humble slice of grilled bread on this site. I wonder if he makes any dough from his bread art? All you have to do is head on over to, and see some really fantastic representations of the stars ... rendered in toast.


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3 Navel Fluff

Yes, you read it right. One man has been collecting fluff from his belly button since 1984 and his collection is certified by the Guinness Book of Records. If you can stomach it go to and marvel over the many jars filled with belly button lint -- and all kinds of other surprises! Belly buttons notoriously gather many different items, you know. That's just one of the reasons this is the most bizarre virtual museum I've ever visited.

4 Fortune Cookies

Who doesn't love a fortune cookie? And I'm sure some of you are often tempted to save the small bits of wisdom encased within them. If you check out, though, you'll find a whole new world of fortune cookies. This can be a bit heavy going, but if you can be bothered to read it, you’ll find some pretty ridiculous statements found in fortune cookies. Best of luck!

5 Odd Socks

I think that the missing twin of the socks featured here have been deliberately lost by the owners so they don’t have to wear the blimming horrible things. These are odd odd socks. That's fitting, however, because is a very bizarre virtual museum.

6 Bacteria

Honestly, must be the most boring thing I’ve ever found on the net. I was expecting to see loads of pictures of weird organisms but it is just a filing cabinet for hundreds of links to articles also associated with bacteriology. I had hoped to find germs fascination but not in this fashion. Still, it's still quite bizarre -- or rather, it's bizarre someone put it all together in the first place.

7 Museum of Quackery

If you have a dread of hospitals and all things surgical, don’t visit this site. It is full of questionable medical devices. How about a foot powered breast enlarger?The site for is full of strange, bizarre devices. It seems like somebody did invent a dream machine for a breast man with a foot fetish.

8 Payphones of the World

I must admit I find it strange that there are no pictures of British payphones on this site, given our iconic red telephone boxes. There are however, masses of pictures from countries right across the globe. features a virtual museum dedicated to payphones from all around the world. Does this ring your bell?

Well I hope you found some of these bizarre virtual museums amusing. At the very least, they certainly take up some time and offer some entertainment. Can you think of anything you have that would make an interesting collection?

Top Photo Credit: srivard99

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