7 Best True Crime TV Shows ...


Whether you study crimes for education (like me), or simply enjoy the shocking mysteries behind the best true crime TV shows, or not at all, we are all familiar with the new crime TV fad. For more than half a decade fictionally depicted crime TV shows have been popularized with shows like Law and Order, CSI, NCIS and Homeland. It seems the crime TV obsession of today has been handed over to the true crime stories that inspired some of those shows. If you are not familiar with the addicting new TV fad, here is a descriptive list of some of the best true crime TV shows.

1. Snapped


Now in its 10th season, ‘Snapped’ is one of the best true crime TV shows. Oxygen’s hit series takes you through the fascinating lives and trials of woman who are accused of murder. Who are these women, and what drives them to kill? Men! Of course! Most of these murders are motivated by cheated spouses, large life insurance policies or abuse. This is one of my favorite shows and introduced me to the wonderful world of true crime television.

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