9 Best Candle Scents to Choose for Your Home ...

I love burning candles in my house and some of the best candle scents aren’t necessarily the most traditional ones. Candles add a sense of intimacy, and they also help to clear the air of odors or mustiness quickly. They can be toxic if burned too long, and they can be a risk for house fires, but in small amounts, candles are one of the best things to tame stress or mellow the mood. If you want your home to smell good, check out some of the best candle scents to put in your home. There’s no doubt when you or someone else smells these scents, you’ll feel relaxed, happy and calm in just minutes.

1. Vanilla

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Vanilla is one of the best candle scents of all time. It’s soothing, warming and actually a natural aphrodisiac. It also provides a sense of comfort, desire and satisfaction as well.

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