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I love burning candles in my house and some of the best candle scents aren’t necessarily the most traditional ones. Candles add a sense of intimacy, and they also help to clear the air of odors or mustiness quickly. They can be toxic if burned too long, and they can be a risk for house fires, but in small amounts, candles are one of the best things to tame stress or mellow the mood. If you want your home to smell good, check out some of the best candle scents to put in your home. There’s no doubt when you or someone else smells these scents, you’ll feel relaxed, happy and calm in just minutes.

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Vanilla Vanilla is one of the best candle scents of all time. It’s soothing, warming and actually a natural aphrodisiac. It also provides a sense of comfort, desire and satisfaction as well.



Eucalyptus This is one of my personal favorites for its calming and stress-reducing properties. The Eucalyptus plant smells a lot like a Christmas tree, but can be burned year round. It adds a very clean, herbaceous and calming scent to the air that’s a little woodsy and charming at the same time.


Sugar Cookie

Sugar Cookie Have you ever smelled a sugar cookie candle? These are some of my favorites to make the house smell like I’ve been baking, or when I just want to smell something yummy myself. Just be warned, they can make you crave cookies they smell so good!



Lavender Lavender is the most calming scent of all, and it’s one of the most popular with men when choosing a perfume for women. Besides that though, lavender makes your home seem tranquil, peaceful and feminine at the same time. It’s great to take a bath to, or burn at night when you need to relax.


Apple Cinnamon

Apple Cinnamon Another fabulous scent to burn in your home that can make it smell like a fresh baked goodie, is apple cinnamon. Personally, it reminds me of fresh apple butter, and it’s excellent to burn in the fall and winter for a cozy feel.


Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice Pumpkin spice is another top fall and winter scent to choose, and it’s incredibly satiating, calming and warming. I love to burn this from August to December and it always makes my home smell like the holidays!


Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar Brown sugar is another sweet scent to try for a delicious scent in your home. It smells of warmed pancakes almost, and is delectable to burn in the kitchen, or in your living room.


Fresh Cotton

Fresh Cotton This candle is perfect for spring and summer and smells like freshly dried sheets! It gives your house a scent of cleanliness and freshness, so if you’ve been short on cleaning time, this candle scent might help!



Mulberry Mulberry is a unique candle scent. It smells of spice, berry and vanilla at the same time. It’s especially wonderful during the winter months of January through March when you’re tired of holiday scents, but not ready for spring and summer scents either.

Candles are a simple way to add a calming "aura" to your house, and also one of the best lighting tools you can use to make your home more intimate. If you love candles and have some favorite scents, feel free to share. What scents do you usually choose when selecting candles for your home?

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French Baguette ... My whole house smells like fresh baked bread!! Mmm

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