8 Best Apps for Personal Development ...

There are apps for just about anything, and given that one of their primary functions is to help us, it’s no surprise there is a good range of apps for personal development. Whether you need assistance with a particular aspect of your life to help with your career, some relationship advice or even how to better manage your time, it’s covered by apps for personal development. Read on to learn about a few you might find useful.

1. Einstein Brain Trainer HD

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Some of the most popular apps for personal development are those which are designed to train your brain. This app does just that; a series of tasks will require your brain to think about puzzles and logic games, meaning that your brain will renew and/or improve its ability to solve puzzles and think laterally. The more points you score, the harder the puzzles will become – an effective yet simple way to train your brain!

2. Know Your Type Personality Test

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You will not be able to effectively progress on a journey of personal development without understanding what type of personality you have. This doesn’t mean whether you are funny or caring, it simply means which method of learning you respond best to. The app features nine types of personality, and will fit you into the category most appropriate, which in turn should allow you to train your brain more effectively.

3. MindColors Color Personality Test

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Although the second app just suggested is very good, it requires more effort to work out which type of personality you have, if this aspect of self development really interests you. The MindColors version works by basing your personality type on a series of colors which you select. The app brings elements of the Luescher-Color-Diagnostics test into play, and should provide a similar result to the Know Your Type Personality Test.

4. Pzizz Energizer

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Do you feel stressed? Stress stunts progress so personal development apps that assist with stress management are very useful. Not only does this app help you to calm yourself, but it is designed to work in conjunction with power naps. If you find that you are having trouble relaxing and sleeping, then this may be one of the apps for self development which is most useful to you.

5. Evernote

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This app is compatible with iPhones, iPod Touch devices and iPads. The Evernote app aids you in your daily life by providing you with access to a notepad wherever you are. It may not help you relax or even train your brain, but it is guaranteed to make living your life easier by providing more organization. With this app, you will never again find yourself struggling to find a pen and paper!

6. Awesome Note HD

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Do you need something more from apps for personal growth than Evernote will provide you with? Well the Awesome Note HD app is more than just a note taking app, but transforms into a personal daily organizer. You can use the in-built calendar to make appointments and schedule meetings, as well as syncing the app to a Google account to interact with your Google Docs. In fact you can even connect with the Evernote app and other devices (via Bluetooth) to share your tasks across devices or with other people.

7. Brainwave Entrainment Vol. 1

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If you struggle with concentration, or find yourself falling asleep at your desk, then one of the best personal development apps for you may be this one. The app uses tile games to place the user into a state of almost meditation, helping you to relax and de-stress from your everyday life. Sometimes all you need is to be able to relax, and that is exactly what this app is designed to do for you.

8. Lumosity Unlimited

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As the old saying goes, if you don’t use it then you should be prepared to lose it. This principle applies to your brain just as much as anything else. Your brain is an organ which needs to be taken care of just as much as your heart and lungs do. This app will give you access to a variety of brain training games, which should keep your brain ticking over in top shape.

This is just a small selection of the apps for personal development available. For whatever aspect of self-growth you’re interested in, be creative in your searches and you never know what useful and interesting self development apps you’ll find. Please share any you have found useful.

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