7 Awesome Tablets in the Market to Explore ...


With the rapid advancement of technology comes a new generation of products that seek to make life just a little bit easier; the induction of these awesome tablets into the ever changing world of technology proves this point. I've always been fascinated with tablets and the way they essentially function as minuscule computers. As I am writing this on a Samsung Galaxy tablet, I am more convinced that their greatest aspect revolves around their size and power, introducing a level of convenience and speed that can't be rivaled. Here is a list of several awesome tablets on the market that are definitely worth exploring.

1. IPad


It only makes sense to commence this list with the company that catapulted the role of the tablet into the frontrunner of technology. The iPad is one of the most awesome tablets available on the market. With its constant updates and advanced features (iSight camera, iCloud), it's no wonder that this trendy gadget has been so well received by consumers. My biggest concern with this product is the price attached to it.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet 3 7.0
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