9 Amazing Random Facts That Will Leave You Speechless ...


I don't know about you, but I happen to be a sucker for amazing random facts. You want to strike up a conversation with me, just walk up and state how Geico can save you 15 percent or more on your car insurance (sorry, I just had to!) or any random tidbit, and I'll gladly carry on the conversation. Speaking of... how about I share some amazing random facts right now?

1. Eye, Mateys!

One of my favorite amazing random facts that I learned is that pirates didn't always wear their eye patches because of lost eye sight! According to the Mythbusters (I love those guys!) the patch was really used to prepare their eyes for quick change from light to dark. See, pirates out on their ships had to be prepared for anything at any given moment. If they were below the deck in the dark, they had to be prepared to come out on deck swinging that sword. Likewise, if they were on deck, sometimes they had to be able to quickly go below deck. To compensate for the time lost in allowing their eyes to adjust to the light changes, they would cover one eye and keep it used to the dark and the other adapted to light. Over time, their eyes held this ability for longer periods of time. In doing so, all they had to do was remove or replace their patch when going from one extreme to the other! Isn't that amazing?

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